Grammy winner Flaco Jimenez to perform for free during TLU's ArteFest; Events part of community's Dia De Los Muertos celebration
Posted on 10/30/2014 7:25:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin is invited to not only remember but celebrate the lives of their loved ones through food, music, art, dance and film.

Texas Lutheran University is gearing up for its first ever ArteFest featuring world renowned Accordion Flaco Jimenez and short film La Llorona. The free two day celebration is slated for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon on the TLU campus.
Shannon Ivey, professor of dramatic media and founder of Theatre for Change in San Antonio, is one of the organizers of the event which celebrates Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Ivey says the event will feature the collaboration of all types of art.

"ArteFest is a collaboration of a lot of different types of art. We have music, dance, a lot of the dances are going to be performed by Teatro here in town. We have food by Davila's BBQ. He's going to be creating a whole smorgous board of Mexican street food. We've got theatre. We've got original poetry and then, we've have the premier of my short film 'La Llorona' and headlining the entire event is Grammy Award winning artist Flaco Jimenez," said Ivey.

Ivey says through the various components of this celebration, TLU hopes to provide a different perspective on death.

"Dia De Los Muertos is a day that is celebrated actually internationally now, but it's gone all through Mexico and South America. What it is -- it's a day that you remember, you call back through the altar -- your dead and you celebrate their life. It's a really great way to deal with death. Once a year, you celebrate the life of your dead. During our particular festival at Artefest, we're going to have a community altar where people can actually bring (items), pictures or what they have of people that they've lost. So as a community, we can gather around and say 'look at all of these brilliant people that we've had. That we've had the good fortune of knowing,' but also celebrate their life and surround them with their love," said Ivey.
Ivey says a series of events are scheduled prior to the actual film and concert on Saturday. She says the audience will first view her 13 minute film which pairs the myth of the La Llorona to that of the plight of immigrant children. She says it will then be followed by Flaco Jimenez himself.

"At 5 o'clock, in Jackson lawn, we are going to have face painters set up all over the place where people can get their -- we're doing half mask of the sugar skulls on people's faces. Then around about 5:45, there's going to be a procession around Jackson Park down Court street because that's a traditional aspect of the Day of the Dead. Once we arrive back at Jackson, the blessing of the altars are going to take place. There's actually going to be a live body painter that's going to be painting -- there's a living exposition. Some of our young conjunto players from Teatro are actually going to be playing at that time. The entire event is free and the doors will open to the actual auditorium at about 6:30. At 6:30, it's general admission so get there early to get your seats and the show starts at 7. Now at 7 o'clock, this is kind of a cool run of a show that we've got going. We have a pre-show and then we have the main show. The entire show is going to run about two and a half hours, but the pre-show is going to include the film, the poetry, the dancing. It's going to be kind of vibrant pre-show and then Flaco Jimenez is going to take the stage after," said Ivey.

The celebration is set for 7 p.m. Saturday and noon on Sunday at TLU's Jackson Auditorium. The procession and lawn events will only be held prior to the events on Saturday. The film, altar and food will continue through Sunday's concert.

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