True Lies Tour to provide life changing information to local high school students; Teen Violence, bullying expert invites parents, public to learn mor
Posted on 2/10/2015 6:37:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Further protecting your child starts this Wednesday night. Phil Chalmers, a national authority on juvenile homicide and other destructive decisions made by teens, will unveil to parents things that might just "surprise them."

Chalmers will host a community presentation Wednesday night in the Seguin High School Auditorium. Chalmers is in Seguin this week speaking in front of teens at both Seguin and Navarro High Schools. The school assemblies are being organized thanks to Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke and  District Attorney Heather McMinn.
Chalmers, known for interviewing and interacting with over 200 teen killers and school shooters, has been studying youth culture and teen murder for 25 years.
Sheriff Zwicke says Chalmers is indeed a leader in helping kids realize the consequences of making poor choices.
"I met Mr. Chalmers in Ft. Worth back in June at the national conference and listened to the program that he had and I felt it was necessary to bring it to our schools and to our law enforcement. So back in November, we opened up a one day class. Mr. Chalmers came down and gave us his outlook on his studies that have happened, to give us some guidelines to help us with this problem. After that, Heather and I -- McMinn got together and decided that this would be a good thing to take into our schools and let him talk to our children and our parents about what's going on in today's world," said Zwicke.
In addition to his True Lies School Assemblies, Chalmers, who comes from Ohio, continues to unveil the truths behind teen violence as an author, by serving as a police trainer and most recently, through his latest TV show Killer Teens as seen on the Biography Channel. Zwicke says Chalmers is one of the best youth advocates around and remains today's voice for young people.

"He's done about a 20 year study on the different things, problems with children in schools and helping parents and doing studies on what makes people do what they do. He left a good impression with us, on topics like teen sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying, violence and just all that stuff out there. We just felt this was necessary to spread this message to our children and the parents. There's a lot of scary stuff out there today that people don't know they think they're buying a simple video game without watching that game before -- handing it to the kids and I'm not into all that stuff, but I've watched some of the videos that he showed and it was an eye opener for me that this stuff doesn't need to be given to our children. It's something if they want to make that choice later on in life when they're an adult, they're more than welcome, but we just like to get the message out to the parents and the grandparents to try to help them raise these children," said Zwicke.
Like Sheriff Zwicke, District Attorney McMinn says she felt it was important that Seguin and Guadalupe County families were exposed to his deep knowledge available on a variety of tough topics.
"Myself and several people from my office attended the presentation that Chalmers did for law enforcement. He was a very impressive speaker and I think he’s done a substantial amount of research and has a lot of information about what’s gone wrong in many of these children's lives and what's gone wrong in schools. I think that parents need to be pro-active in protecting on themselves and their children. We have to keep ourselves educated and our eyes open to what's going on with our kids -- not only in our schools but in our homes. What are they watching on TV? What are they looking at on the internet? What kind of video games are they playing? What are their friends doing? I think this society -- we've become over sexualized with all these video games that are on TV, it's on the internet, there's violence, media, video games. I think, we as parents, need to really be pro active in protecting ourselves," said McMinn.
McMinn says she hopes that families make the commitment to come out and sit in on the program. She says there's no end when it comes to learning how to better protect our children.
"We're not aware exactly what our kids are doing at all times or what their friends are doing. We allow our children to go to other people's homes or when we have access to other people at school -- we don't know what they're being influenced by. This program -- it really shows parents what they need to be watching for and it also teaches kids. I think the school assemblies are very important because it teaches kids not only what they need to be aware of. It's not just ‘you shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that,’ if you expose yourself to these things, there could be bad consequences and here are the consequences. I think that's really important so that our kids are not only protecting themselves but also protecting their friends," said McMinn.
Chalmers will be speaking to local high school students on Wednesday and Thursday. The parent assembly gets underway at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the SHS Auditorium. Parents are advised that content is not recommended for younger children.
Phil Chalmers, Sheriff Arnold Zwicke, District Attorney Heather McMinn

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