Animal rescue van hits the streets of Seguin, Guadalupe County; ARF makes transporting animals easier for local rescue groups
Posted on 9/16/2015 8:45:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Thanks to the Bronte Buggy, animals in Guadalupe County are being chauffeured around in style. The buggy or blue Mazda minivan, is the latest example of how a donation can be put to good use when it comes to the safety and protection of animals.
Barbara Upper, the founder of Seguin Animal Rescue Foundation or ARF, is hoping that the public will take notice of the van the next time they see it on the streets.
"Well we're calling this the Village Van. This was made possible for us by a partial donation from Dr. Angie Sauer in memory of her dog Bronte. So we named it the Bronte Buggy. We sold tats (signs) on it for businesses to let the folks in our village know who all is supporting us. It's available for any of the rescuers in the community to haul animals to and from the shelters to vets to adoption events to other rescues, just a great transport vehicle for us. So anytime you see us, you're seeing two things when you see the van. You're seeing the community that supports animal rescue and you're also seeing the rescuers at work," said Upper.
Upper says the vehicle has been a wonderful gift. She says when it comes to animals and personal vehicles, rescuers no doubt have their own stories.
"In fact, I had to sell a vehicle because of a little puppy that we picked up that didn't like riding in a car and was over fed by the time we got to her and threw up all over it and we never could get it cleaned up. It is hard on our personal vehicles and also by doing it that way, we're not able to really let people know the support of the community. Six years ago when we started animal rescues here, we were addressing some specific problems with our animal shelter. We are hopefully getting that addressed by this current budget. The amount of attention and interest that this community has and the way that we treat animals and how it's grown exponentially over the last three years, tells you just how important this issue is to our community," said Upper.
Upper says to help gain more support, the group hopes to eventually launch the Rainbow Rescuers in which photos of animals who have passed away can also be placed on the vehicle. She says not only will they serve as a tribute to the animal but will also be a way to help further gain the attention of the public.

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