Busy youth show weekend underway at the Guadalupe County Fairgrounds
Posted on 1/22/2016 6:41:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The hard work and dedication of area youth won't go unnoticed during this weekend's 75th Annual Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show.
Among the 825 exhibitors is Seguin High School Senior Brock Gerlich. Gerlich, who has been showing since the third grade, will be presenting two steers and two pigs. Gerlich says he is very fortunate to have been a part of the program for so long. He says it has helped define him and has kept him on the right path.
"I've always loved it. I've made a lot of new friends doing it all the time. I've achieved knowing responsibility and taking care of these animals all the time. That's probably the most biggest goal I've achieved is learning that responsibility of having nice things," said Gerlich.
While there are several who have been in the program for years, the youth show continues to rope in new participants. Gearing up for her first show is Caitlin Horton, a freshman at Steele High School.
"This is my first time showing and my first project. He's a Boer goat and his name is Winston. I really like to work with him a lot. He's super fun and he's really funny. He likes to buck up and he'll jump up on everything. He has like a really playful spirit I guess you'd say and he's just really fun to work with," said Horton.
Alongside many students are their parents and grandparents who have also played an important role in making the project happen. Horton says a large part of her interest in the livestock show is the experience shared in her own family.
"My mom showed when she was little and I've seen tons of pictures of her and I just really wanted to do what she did," said Horton.
Sylvia Kelso, a member of the youth show's board of directors, says while the livestock typically is a featured part of the show, the homemakers division is just as attractive and shows the commitment of area youth.
"We have the handy craft division. We have a needlework division. We have Ag mechanics -- which is I want to say boys, but sometimes there's girls. They can build all kinds of metal art or wood art. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we have down there. We invite you to come down on Friday and come take a look at it. The doors in the Coliseum, I believe, open at 5 on Friday in the afternoon," said Kelso.
Kelso says the payoff for students, of course, is at the auctions. She says individuals, groups and businesses are all invited to take part and help show their support to these students who have each put a lot of effort into their respective projects.
"Friday night, we have the homemakers sale over in the coliseum -- a lovely venue. You can sit there and relax and enjoy. Then Saturday, we're right here on the dance slab and we've got the hospitality set up. So we try to take care of our buyers and the buyers, that in turn, help take care of exhibitors," said Kelso.
Friday's auction gets underway at 7 p.m. in the Seguin Coliseum. It will be followed by the livestock auction at noon Saturday. This year's show features 1,679 entries and approximately 825 individual contestants.
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