SEDC update shows progress in local industry, workforce investments
Posted on 2/8/2016 7:45:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The SEDC is all about job creation. Whether it's big projects, like Caterpillar or Continental, or smaller companies that only bring a handful of jobs -- it exists to bring more jobs to the community. It's been doing it for a very long time, and just recently, it got to show again why it's such a good thing for this community.

The SEDC Board of Directors recently got an update on the SEDC's very first economic development project. Techni-Quip was a California based company that relocated to Seguin. SEDC Executive Director Terry Trevino says they've had a great partnership with the company for a long time. Techni-Quip brought a new industry and new jobs to Seguin, and now it's ready to officially payoff what it still owes the SEDC.

"They had a 20 year lease with the city of Seguin, SEDC and the Texas Capital Fund. Each month, a certain portion of each of the investments of the city and SEDC went to all three entities. Then, they burn off as the years pass. So they have decided that they want to go ahead and pay the amount off, which is approximately about $20,000. It's not much and they decided they wanted to pay that off early. So we're excited about that. They will then now come off the SEDC books and the city books and Texas Capital Fund books. They will own their own property and building and everything all on their own," said Trevino.

Trevino says this is a real success story for the SEDC. She says it offered an incentive to have the company bring new jobs to the community, the company came, and then made a significant investment and commitment here. She says it's been a very good fit for Seguin.

"They are a second generation family owned manufacturing company. They market products globally, techni-quip carts. They focus on material handling carts for the healthcare hospitality industry and also clean cycle system. They do lint filtrations systems for commercial industrial laundries. They have long time employees. I think the first employee that they ever hired still works there. So that says a lot about this family owned company. They came from California and I think other California companies like Stravensky came in tote with them at the time --  Seguin needed new industry, a new investment here. So I wanted to update the board with that, because that will actually officially be coming off our books and we hope they expand some day," said Trevino.

Another SEDC success story is coming off its books. Trevino says Advanced Cutting Technologies is also paying off the loan that it received from the SEDC.
"They are located off of Highway 90. They specialize in CMC fabrication of sealed components for industries, such as Alamo Group and the Koehler Company. ACT has been operating in business for about 18 years, since 1998. We recieved payoff for their loan in the amount $265,256.42 which we will now be releasing a lien," said Trevino.

While Trevino was able to share some of the good news about some of the SEDC's older clients, she also gave the board an update on some of its newer clients as well. The city, last year, reached a deal with Niagra Bottling, which is building a large bottling plant near the Rio Nogales Power Plant off North Guadalupe Street. She says Niagara continues to work on the building, and it's also working on staffing the facility. She said they recently held a very successful job fair.

"They said they had the best quality people come through there. I think they've already hired 50 or 70 people already in this first round. They said they still have second, third and fourth interviews to go. They're amping up their veterans to hire program because they get some skilled scholars for that. That's part of their state incentive. So they're trying to do that. They're going to have a job fair for that soon, but that went really really well," said Trevino.

Another SEDC project will be built near the Niagara bottling plant. Trevino says Siro Group USA is still working on its plans to build a large bakery and food processing facility in Seguin.

"They actually went out to bid for an engineer. They've awarded the contract for pre-engineering work and they are going out to bid for a contractor, for a design build contractor. It has worked out great for us because we have Niagara in the road going in. So it's worked out really good for us. We'll have to maybe discuss a second inlet for their contractors at some point, because we don't want them all on that road or work something out with them. It's been good for us because we've been able to make improvements and not have two major construction projects going on at the same time," said Trevino.

The SEDC Board of Directors was created in the mid 1990s after voters approved the collection of an additional half cent sales tax. Half of that additional sales tax was to be used to help support the city's general fund, while the other portion of that half a penny was to be used for job creation. The SEDC board still uses that quarter-of-a-cent to promote job growth. The board is made up of local business professionals, who are appointed to the board by the Seguin City Council.

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