STAAR testing scheduled for this week; Preparation begins at home, families encouraged to rally behind students
Posted on 3/28/2016 6:40:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The time that teachers and students have been waiting for has finally arrived. This week marks the start of STAAR testing.
Sean Hoffmann, Seguin ISD public information officer, says the Seguin ISD will join students across the state as they take on The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness program.
Hoffmann says the STAAR test measures the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum standards that serve as the foundation of local classrooms.
"STAAR starts on Tuesday. With spring time here, that means one thing with public schools across the state of Texas and that's the STAAR Test. They will administer the test on Tuesday, March 29th for grades four and seven in Writing. Then grades five and eight will take the Math STAAR and our high school students will take the English I STAAR again on Tuesday. The following day, March 30th on Wednesday, grades five and eight will take the Reading exam. Then on March 31st, the English II STAAR will be administered. Really this is the first round coming up. This is what our students and teachers have been preparing for all year. They've been going over the material. They know the material and we know our students are going to do a great job on the exam," said Hoffmann.
Hoffmann says the district is not only reminding parents of the test schedule, it is also asking that all accommodations are made in hopes of increasing the chance of success for their child.
"Family members can be a tremendous boost and support mechanism for these students who are going to be taking these tests. Being well rested is probably the most important means of support that a family can give a child. Make sure the child gets to bed early. Another aspect is when they get them up in the morning, make sure they're up on time so they're not rushed to get to school, but before that, it's important they eat a healthy breakfast as well, because that kick starts their mind. They're ready to go. They get on campus and they're ready to knock out the test. Exercise after school is another important aspect. These students are going to be pent-up in the classroom. Their little minds are going to be working in over drive and they are going to need that time preferably outside where they can get fresh air, burn off the calories, get some exercise and be ready for the next day," said Hoffmann.
Perhaps the most important thing families can send their kids off to school with is plenty of encouragement. Hoffmann says encouragement is crucial for success.
"These students, some of them might get a little anxious about taking the test. They feel a little bit pressured, but really that's support from the family and encouraging, creating just a positive week for these kids -- that really goes a long way to help these kids on their tests when test day comes up," said Hoffmann.
In addition to getting kids to school on time, district officials ask that doctor appointments and other activities are rescheduled for another time if possible. The second round of STAAR testing is set for May.

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