Low-cost rabies, microchip clinic scheduled Tuesday at Max Starcke Park
Posted on 4/11/2016 6:44:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- A local animal rescue foundation is teaming up with a local vet to make sure that no dog or cat goes unprotected against rabies in Guadalupe County. ARF, Animal Rescue Foundation, will be hosting a low-cost rabies and microchip clinic from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday at Max Starcke Park East.

Barbara Upper, the founder of ARF, says the group specifically will work with the Honduras Veterinary Medicine Mission and Seguin Animal Hospital to provide the animal services to residents throughout the county.
"Our clinic will be a drive through clinic in Starcke Park East. It will provide $5 rabies vaccinations and $5 micro chipping. We hope to vaccinate 400 animals. The city of Seguin Animal Services is supporting this. If additional microchips are needed, if we run out, people can have their animals chipped at the animal shelter for $10 an animal. We're hoping to be able to do the animals in the car. The vets will reach into the car, give the animal the vaccinations and then we have a different set up station for the microchip -- trying to keep the animals with their owners in the car. It's just safer, particularly for cats. If people are bringing cats, the only way we thought that we can do cats well was to keep them in the cars and cages," said Upper.
Upper says after last year's success, the group believes it has designed this year's process to be even more effective. She says not only have they added a second veterinarian, but they are encouraging that pet owners prepare in advance by providing proof of residency as a Texas Driver's license will be required.
Upper says this is the largest community service project initiated by ARF.
"One of our big missions is to reduce the current (animal population) of the animals that are in shelters due to over crowding which forces them to euthanize animals. We call these in interdiction programs by providing rabies and also micro chipping. We can help people, particularly low income people protect their animals not only from disease but also if they're ever lost and show up in a shelter, they'll be turned in immediately," said Upper.
She says the event also stresses the significance and benefits of micro chipping one's pet.
"Micro chipping is the insertion of a small identifying little bullet. It's about the size of a grain of rice between an animals shoulder blade. It's a painless thing. Most animals don't even react to it at all. If an animal has a microchip, he can be scanned by any vet hospital, by any rescue group, by any shelter and identifying his information will be recorded so his owner can be contacted. It does not provide GPS location of the animal. There's no tracking to it or anything of that nature. It just says that this is a permanent identification of whom this animal belongs to," said Upper.
Persons with demonstrated economic need will not be charged for the service. However, they must present service and identification cards for programs such as WIC or Chips.


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