Bling to host grand opening celebration in downtown Seguin
Posted on 4/13/2016 6:43:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- A touch of bling has now been added to Downtown Seguin. Bling and Company Giftique is the latest business to join the revitalization effort currently underway in the heart of the city. The store is said to be enjoying its re-grand opening and slight change in name after relocating from North King Street to 115 W. Court St.
Owner Lori Dimicelli says moving Bling to a downtown space was the next step for the growing business.
"We have been open, believe it or not for seven years and it's gone like a flash. It’s just been so much fun. We've been looking at downtown for a couple of years -- really basically,  just been praying about it and just waiting for the right building and the right timing. That building is just an amazing building and it's really an incredible building in general with so much history. We're learning all about the history of that building and that amazing back bar that was brought in from Germany back umpteenth hundred years ago. So many great things are happening downtown so the timing was just perfect," said Dimicelli.
Dimicelli says with a new location comes a change of name and a change in some of the products that are offered.
"We have rebranded and we're now calling ourselves a giftique. So we are Bling and Company Giftique. That incorporates a lot of new gift items, a lot of natural products that are made here in Texas -- anything from different fun home decor to goats' milk soaps, homemade popurri from a gal here in Texas and just a lot of new fun products. You got to come and experience it because it's a lot of fun," said 
According to Dimicelli, the shift to downtown on April 1st has so far proven successful.
"The one main thing that's different for us is we have walk by traffic because before, we were basically a drive up destination. It's been so much fun seeing new faces and people that didn't even know Bling existed or visiting in town and were at the Justice Center or were going to get a coffee or were across the street getting a cupcake or were at Lala Gyspy or wherever, Vogue Shoes -- that walk by traffic has just been amazing and just getting to meet so many amazing fun people that are here in Seguin," said Dimicelli.
Dimicelli says the downtown corner has not only allowed for new customers but a refocus in doing business.
"It's really allowed us to kind of refocus and rebrand in a whole different way just because of the physical structure of the building and a more unique location that allows us different marketing opportunities -- for one, the store front windows that people are walking by -- not necessarily more space on the floor, but just a different configuration that allows for great fun new displays. Then, we also have an amazing back room that once every couple of months, we're going to be doing a back room sale. We're going to have furniture and all kinds of different stuff that we don't currently carry in the shop. So we'll be advertising that -- coming up in the next month or so. It'll just be a one or two day event -- just some really neat fun things that we're looking at doing," said Dimicelli.
In addition, the new location provides an expansion of its monogramming services. Both store bought products or items from home can be monogrammed.
In celebration of its relocation to downtown, Bling and Company will be hosting a re-grand opening celebration Thursday night.  Dimicelli says it will be the perfect opportunity for the entire family to come out and see how it can be of service throughout the whole year.
"We are looking forward to just opening the doors Thursday. Of course, we're open all day 10 a.m. to seven that day, but at 4:30 p.m., our grand opening starts. We're going to be having Big Daddy Dean there, some wine and refreshments. We really encourage people to come out and just check out the new location, all of the new amazing product lines -- a lot of new Texas products that we're focusing on that we're bringing in. If you do come, bring a pair of old shoes. We're helping support the spay and neuter program with Barbara Upper and that amazing group of people and you'll get a free gift when you bring a pair of youth shoes. So come on and join us," said Dimicelli.
The grand opening celebration is free and will be held Thursday from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Bling and Company is located next door to Court Street Coffee Shop.
Bling & Company Giftique, downtown Seguin

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