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Main Street Program says thank you to its volunteers
Posted on 4/19/2016 8:26:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- April is National Volunteer Month and from the National Main Street Program down to small town Main Street Programs, they are all taking the opportunity to recognize the volunteers assisting in the redevelopment of downtowns across the nation.  In 2015, 113,533 volunteer hours were logged in the 87 Texas Main Street communities, which has an industry value of almost $2.8 million.
These volunteers serve on committees and boards, work events, and accomplish special projects all geared toward preserving the unique character of historic downtowns.
Here in Seguin, 900 volunteer hours were logged for our Main Street Program in 2015.  This included our nine member advisory board, committee members who served on our design review committee and the planning the multiple community events that attract thousands of visitors to downtown. 
At Moonlight & Roses on April 8, the Seguin Main Street Program awarded our Volunteer of the Year award to one volunteer who has gone above and beyond.  Lisa Burns and her husband own Alligator Dental and after opening in 2009, started a relationship with the Seguin Main Street Program by sponsoring several downtown events.
“We were so happy to be a part of a great community that supported us from the beginning and wanted to give back,” said Burns.
In 2012, Burns would have her first venture with volunteering with the Main Street Program serving on the planning committee for ArtsFest.
“I had mentioned to Marty Keil in a casual conversation that I felt like there needed to be more opportunities for exposure to the arts and culture for kids in Seguin.  She told me she knew just the thing and pushed me towards the ArtsFest planning committee and the rest is history,” said Burns, “After the first ArtsFest event, I realized that events need both SPONSORS and VOLUNTEERS.  So, I began attending event planning meetings and volunteering for assignments.”
Burns makes volunteering a family affair getting her kids involved. 
Burns says, “One of the best parts of volunteering is being able to volunteer WITH my family.  Being a small business owner and a mother of 7, my free time is limited but having my kids involved with me gives us a chance to spend some great quality time together while providing service to the community that we live in.   I also have a great husband that is very supportive and jumps right in with whatever I have volunteered our family for.”
The support of volunteers who donate time, services, and products to the Seguin Main Street Program ensure that the revitalization of downtown Seguin will be able to continue.  For example, Carter Memorials’ generous donation of our downtown awards allows the Main Street Program to have beautiful plaques that help share the success stories of downtown and allows the Main Street Program to invest the money that would have gone to purchasing the awards to further our revitalization efforts. 
“Seguin is really a great place to raise a family,” said Burns, and it is the support of Burns and others that make Seguin such a great place.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Seguin Main Street Program, call (830) 401-2448 or email mainstreet@seguintexas.gov.  Special By:  Kyle Kramm, Seguin Main Street Program Director
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