Free eye screenings to be held at Freedom Fiesta
Posted on 7/1/2016 7:20:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- If you don't stop by KWED's Freedom Fiesta for yourself, then how about doing it for your child. The Seguin Lions Clubs will be teaming together this weekend to host free eye screenings for children as early as six months old. The screening is part of the Lions Club Kidsight program.
Frank Ignasiak, of the Sunset Lions Club, says free eye screenings using the latest technology will be available at this year's Fourth of July celebration on Saturday in downtown Seguin.
"What we have to offer is a vision screening for children. We can do children as young as five, six months old. With this device we purchased, thanks to the many donations from people supporting Lions Club, it's like taking a picture of your child's eyes and as simple as taking a picture. It will tell us six different things that could potentially be wrong with their vision and if they need to see a professional doctor or an optometrist or ophthalmologist. All of the clubs within the Seguin area worked together and we got this program going for our area. Like I said, we'll be down there at Freedom Fiesta next to the game booths and if you stop by with your child, like I said, it's as simple as taking their picture," said Ignasiak.
Ignasiak says again the screening is like taking a picture and can not only detect vision problems but potentially serious diseases impacting a child's eyes. He says the screenings have been hosted in other areas throughout the community and many referrals have been forwarded on to doctors for additional treatment.
"Yes, it is a priority. It should be something that you're concerned about especially with your child. I know if you ever had to have glasses, until it was detected with the vision screening, you didn't know your vision was bad. You got along okay. Then when you got glasses, it's like a whole new world opened up for you. A vision screening where you had to read the eye chart -- I can read like A, B,C,D -- I can read the third line or in younger children, they would have them identify shape objects or point if the arrow was up or down or left or right -- this takes away all the guess work. This machine will read and determine what their vision is like. Some of those things that are wrong with your children's eyes can be fixed when they're early. Like what they call a lazy eye. If it's not detected and this machine does detect that. That eye is not working with the second eye. It does not work in conjunction with each other. The brain kind of like turns off the optic signal so eventually that eye quits getting used because it's not working right for your brain, because the eye won't align right. Then after a few years, there's no fix for it. It's permanent. It's permanently gone. So you can catch it early and it is very treatable, next stage," said Ignasiak.
The free eye screening will be stationed in the kids zone of this year's Freedom Fiesta celebration in Central Park. The event gets underway at 6 p.m. Saturday. The early childhood vision screenings are free.
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