Seguin is retail hub for three counties; New data shows total consumer population of 114,882 for Seguin
Posted on 7/13/2016 7:18:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The new "It's Real" brand for the city of Seguin isn't the only new marketing tool now being used by the Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).
Karlee Scheel, economic development specialist, says the SEDC and the city's economic development department have developed a new aerial map that better showcases what Seguin can offer to prospective retailers.
"So in preparation for ICSC Texas (International Council of Shopping Centers), which is a big conference where we try recruit retail and bring them to Seguin, we redeveloped all of our marketing material. The main tool that we redeveloped was our area map. We focused on our three main mix used developments. For each major retail hub in Seguin, these being I-10 and (Highway) 46, I-10 and (Highway) 123, and (Highway) 123 and Court Street -- we did a five, 10 and 15 minute drive time analysis for each one of these retail areas. This (work also) included a leakage and surplus analysis of eight or nine different retail categories. These being furniture, quick serve food, fast casual restaurants, entertainment, so those data analysis kind of showed us where the holes were. and what Seguin actually needs as far as retail goes. So we kind of used those main marketing materials to target prospective retailers," said Scheel.  
The new maps better define not just the areas where developers should look to set up new retail shops, but it also tells the real story of Seguin's population. Scheel says the city of Seguin has a population of over 30,000 people, but that represents only a fraction of the 114,882 people who shop, play and stay here each day.
"So although we are extremely excited that Seguin adopted the 30,000 population, this level of population is still a little subpart to some of the retailers' minimum population requirements. So kind of a main effort of our redoing our marketing material was kind of redefining -- looking at all the data that we have and where consumers are traveling in Seguin. Our redevelopment of our area map, really kind of emphasized and illustrated the external draw of consumers, shopping and seeking," said Scheel.
Scheel says the nearly 115,000 consumer population figure for Seguin might surprise some people, but she says it really shouldn't when you think about all of shoppers that travel to Seguin to do business each day.
"You know Seguin is the retail hub for three counties. In those three counties, there are numerous cities all with 5,000 to 10,000 population increments that travel here to Seguin. Whether these be Luling, Gonzales, Kingsbury, McQueeney, Stockdale -- these consumers that live there travel to Seguin to do their grocery shopping, to do their clothing shopping, to do their back to school shopping, that's really kind of what we are trying to illustrate and encompass to these site selectors for retailers who are not familiar with Seguin," said Scheel.
The new map has the actual birds-eye view of the area on the back, but the front of the map highlights area ready for immediate retail development. It also uses the front to offer important data to retail developers looking to set up shop in a new community.
Staff says they are working on getting the maps online, so that others could also utilize the information that will hopefully bring more retail opportunities to the community.
Scheel's presentation on the aerial map was given as part of Monday's meeting of the SEDC Board of Directors.
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