SEDC Board gives thumbs up to ''It's Real''; New branding campaign officially adopted by economic development board
Posted on 7/13/2016 7:19:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The city's new "It's Real" branding campaign has officially picked up more support. The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) Board of Directors on Monday approved the use of the new branding material for all SEDC marketing efforts.
The new logo, tag line, and other associated marketing materials will replace the SEDC's old logo, which featured an illustration depicting the Juan Seguin Statue in downtown Seguin.
The board approved the use of the new brand after hearing a presentation from city staffers Kyle Kramm and Morgan Ash, who head up the city of Seguin Branding Task Force, now known as the Branding Rangers.
Kramm says "It's Real" helps the city, the SEDC and all community partners share a single story about what makes Seguin great, and why others should want to come and experience what it has to offer.
"The whole brand story really sounds -- the grittiness and the hardworking character of Seguin and that's a real big selling point for future employers looking to move to Seguin -- is how hardworking our workforce is and the experience of our workforce. So that's something that this brand can really help us sell -- is that our workforce -- they're hardworking, they're trained, they're skilled. They know how to do manufacturing jobs and welding and the career opportunities that we have here," said Kramm.  

SEDC Chairman Robert Haynes says he sees the benefits of having a universal brand for the city. Haynes, who is also the chief executive officer for Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, says he trusts the concepts, and he thinks it can serve Seguin very well.
"Well, there's high energy in the presentation. You've heard this a bit already. As I said in the meeting, when it comes to selling a product -- I work at the hospital -- (and) when I have experts that tell me, this will work, I can use this and from a marketing standpoint etc. -- when it comes to selling the product and selling Seguin, I participated in the interviews. I understand what it's real means. That's what this community is. As an economic development board, we definitely want to be on the team, on board, supporting it and go forward, because we believe it's real," said Haynes.
The "It's Real" brand was developed by ChandlerThinks, a marketing firm from Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in creating community brands.
In addition to the city and the SEDC, members of the branding task force say, they hope that others in the community will capitalize on this new opportunity. Ash says they tons of marketing material available for businesses and other organizations to use as part of the campaign. She says they are in the process of developing a branding Seguin website that will provide greater access to this material.
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