Big turnout expected for November general election
Posted on 7/21/2016 7:39:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Guadalupe County is gearing up for what might be one of the largest voter turnouts ever this November.
That's according to Guadalupe County Elections Administrator Lisa Adam. Adam says numbers are showing that more people will be casting their ballots during the November 8 General Election which this year features the presidential race.
"The anticipation is that there is going to be a huge voter turnout for November. The secretary of state's office is expecting a high turnout based on our registration numbers and the amount of media around the presidential race and the importance of all of these races -- not just the presidential, but all the way down the ballot. We're expecting the voters to turnout and vote which is what we want them to do. We always want them to come out and vote," said Adam.
Adam says Guadalupe County over the years has grown significantly making the anticipated numbers that much more probable.
"We looked at the numbers for 2008 which was the last time we had a change in president (a change in administration). In 2008, we had a 69.4 percent turnout for the General Election. At that time, that meant that we had about 47,884 voters vote in that election. Sixty-four percent of those voters voted early. Now, we have 89,000 plus registered voters. If we go with the same numbers and we have a 69.4 percent turnout, that would be 58,000 people voting. Then that would be over 37,000 voting early. Those numbers are quite impressive and maybe conservative. We're not really sure. It's hard to predict," said Adam.
Adam says to help further draw full participation from all registered voters, she encourages folks to double check their registration info especially if they have moved or haven't voted in a while. She says there are even times when people miss the step of registering altogether and are unfortunately turned away from the polls on election day.
"It happens a lot or it's been a long time since someone voted and they may have moved two or three times since they voted last. So we regularly see people come in to vote who aren't registered. So what I would encourage is if you're not sure if you're registered or if you're not sure if we have your most current address, call the office. We would be happy to look you up and let you know if you need to do an address change or if we've got you registered and you need to register, don't wait until the last minute because we will be swamped. We will process everything, but we rather not have to process it all at the last minute. It's very important to update your address too. People forget that just being registered isn't necessarily enough if you've moved multiple times. Obviously, you want to vote in the precinct that you live in. If you haven't updated your address and you've moved from Cibolo to Seguin or changed sides of the county -- if you don't update your address, you have to vote in your old precinct which means that on the local level, you're not voting for the races that impact your day to day life," said Adam.
Adam shared the early voting and election day information with the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court during Tuesday’s meeting. Approval was required so that the election's office can now officially begin to prepare all voters for again what the state believes will be a record year.
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