Get ready to Petal It Forward; Dietz Flower Shop sets out to brighten up your day
Posted on 10/19/2016 8:35:00 AM.
(Seguin) --  Get ready to see the power of a flower.  Dietz Flower Shop and Tuxedo Rental will be hitting the streets today handing out flowers at random to residents of Seguin.
Flower Shop Manager Jamie Lum, says the idea is to simply help brighten up a person's week and is part of the ‘Petal it Forward’ program.  The program, which will hand deliver anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 flowers, is being held in partnership with the Society of American Florists (SAF).
"The Petal It Forward campaign is just a way to get out into the community and let the people know that we are a part of the community and that we like to give back to our community and to spread happiness and smiles and flowers bring just that. If we can get out there to the community and give them a flower and then give them the opportunity to share that love forward, then that what's we're doing with that so that they have the ability to do the same thing that we're doing for them. The Society of American Florists actually did a survey where they interviewed 2,500 people throughout the U.S. in different parts of the United States. The results from giving flowers just to be able to receive those flowers, it brought happiness. People's moods were enhanced upwards of 60 percent. So if they were having a bad day, it automatically improved their day. It just brought a smile to everybody's face. It made a more pleasant environment and just overall gave you better health too. It just boosted your immune system. It just made you happy," said Lum.
This marks the second year that Dietz Flower Shop has participated in the program. Lum says after last year's success, there was no question as to the impact of the program.
"Last year, The Petal It Forward event happened around the same time as the Guadalupe Fair. So we got the opportunity to be at the fairgrounds in that venue area so that was really nice being out there to see some people of the community that may not be out everyday. They live more rural. That was nice to be able to spread the flowers with them. Then the other part of that was there was an instance where there was a lady at the bank and she was having a really bad day. We brought her the two flowers and it just automatically made her feel really good. She even posted on her Facebook, 'thank you, I was having a really bad day and these two girls just gave me these flowers. It just automatically made my day that much better.' Then she even posted about who she gave her flower to and how to help their day. It was just this ongoing process that it trickled down. It makes you feel good," said Lum.
The Petal It Forward Team from Dietz Flower Shop and Tuxedo Rental will be hitting the streets up until 7 p.m. giving away a pair of flowers at random. After receiving their flowers, Lum says the lucky Seguin residents will be asked to spread the happiness to others by gifting their extra flower, and also sharing their happiness to a loved one, coworker or even a stranger and then posting it on social media using #petalitforward.
Petal It Forward

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