Saints Alive cemetery tour this weekend; Historical re-enactments are part of Pecan Fest/Heritage Days weekend
Posted on 10/28/2016 9:03:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Despite the time that they have been gone, several stories of Seguin's ancestors will be resurrected this weekend at the Riverside Cemetery. The re-enactments and portrayals of nine historic Seguin Citizens are part of this year's Saints Alive. The event is hosted each year by The Affiliation for the Preservation of Shakespeare and Federated Club Rooms and the city of Seguin.
Sudy Bruns, who has coordinated the event for years, says each ancestor story comes with plenty of preparation. She says this year, they are fortunate to have a few family members involved in helping to research and share their family's story.
"We try to get family members to play the part, like great grandchildren. This year, we have a great great grand niece and a great great grand daughter portraying the parts. We can't always do that and sometimes they want to do some of the research, which is nice. It is a problem, like this year we are doing Santiago Carmona and his family knows nothing about him because the grandson said that his father was two-years-old when Santiago died and his mother had died three years previously. So he knows nothing about them. So it's been very interesting trying to get some information and its enlightening too because it gives the family some knowledge of their heritage I think. So it's an eye opener for all of us," said Bruns.
Pat Hoppe is not only a member of the club but a regular volunteer for the re-enactment. She says the cemetery tours continue to be well received.
"For me, one of the most interesting things is that picture of the mausoleum that we have there on the poster. I just think that is fascinating. Actually I'm portraying the wife. I'm in that mausoleum this year. My husband and I are in there and we're both being portrayed this year. So to me, that just makes it unique. We don't have anymore in Seguin. Now if you go to a city you see many, many of them, but you don't see them here. I think it's beautiful. I've always thought it was beautiful. We always get very positive responses. I've never heard a negative word. So yes, people do enjoy it, they enjoy it. Often, like last year, I portrayed somebody who died at age of 106 and there were people around who knew her. So that was really fun for them hear about her life. So yes, it's a positive experience for all of us involved -- those of us who are the portrayers, the people who bring people around. It's a great experience," said Hoppe.
Bruns says Seguin is lucky to now own the Riverside Cemetery. She says the cemetery is a mecca of Seguin's rich and diverse culture.
"Pat had been down to one in Victoria a couple of times and thought it would be a good project for us to raise money. The thing is, history is such an important part of our heritage and I think it's been amazing to have people find out the outstanding ancestors that we have. The nice thing about Riverside Cemetery is it's probably the oldest cemetery. It also has whites, it has Hispanics, it has blacks. So we can represent all of the original settlers of Seguin that way. In some cases, that's not possible in other cemeteries," said Bruns.
The event will be hosted on Sunday at the Riverside Cemetery and will again be part of Seguin's Pecan Fest Heritage Days activities.
The scheduled tours and re-enactments will be held at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Sunday. 
Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased in advance at Gift and Gourmet, Keepers, the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce, Court Street Coffee or at the Silver Center. Tickets will also be sold at the gate. A full schedule of this year's Pecan Fest activities can be found at
Pecan Fest/Heritage Days

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