It's election day in the US, Guadalupe County; Polling locations across Seguin, Guadalupe County ready for voters today
Posted on 11/8/2016 7:46:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- Today is Election Day 2016. A total of 35 election day polling sites will be open today throughout Guadalupe County.
Guadalupe County Elections Administrator Lisa Adam says voters, who did not take advantage of early voting, are reminded to go to their normal election day polling sites.
"Voters need to go to their election day polling location. So it's not like early voting, where you can vote at any location. You have to go to your specific election day location. So that's going to be very important, especially if the voters wait until the end of the day to vote and they're in line at 10 until seven and find out they're at the wrong place," said Adam.
Adam says while most election day sites are the same, voters will still want to make sure that they are headed in the right direction.
"Well there's a couple of different ways they can find out where to go vote. If they have their voter registration certificate, that number is going to be on there. It's a three digit number. It would be like 106 or 107, whatever the number is -- 407. On our website, we have a list of the polling locations and its got their address and which precincts vote there. So they can go that route. They can also log into our express pass sample ballot tool and when they log in with their name and date of birth, it will tell them where their election day location is. Alternatively, they can call the office and we can tell them. I think the phones are going to be a little bit hectic, but as long as they're willing to wait until we can actually get to the phones, we'll be happy to look that up and let them know where to go," said Adam.
During the two weeks of early voting, approximately 45,000 votes were cast throughout Guadalupe County. Adam says with this election slated to have one of the largest turnouts, she is encouraging everyone to head to the polls early and maybe exercise a little patience.
"We've got extra staff on hand at all of the election day polling locations. We've brought in as many people as we can possible squeeze behind the table. So we've also got extra touch screens and in some cases, extra computers for checking people in. So we're trying to do everything we can to get those lines expedited. Everyone will be asked for I.D. and of course, as we talked about it before -- if you don't have a photo I.D., then there are processes in place to account for that. But most of all, we instruct our poll workers to process everyone accurately and efficiently and get everyone through as quickly as possible while still making sure they follow the Texas Election Code -- a reminder --  please be patient with us if we ask you questions. They're questions we have to ask not because we want to be difficult but we want to make sure we do everything exactly according to the law. Our goal is to get everyone through and get the lines down while still doing our job the way we should," said Adam.
The large voter turnout is anticipated due to the popularity of the presidential race featuring Republican Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Several local races will also be appearing on the ballot. They include the race of Seguin Mayor featuring Incumbent Don Keil and Challenger Edward "Eddie" Davila, Jr.
Seats will also be up for grabs on the Seguin ISD Board of Trustees. The three contested races include District 1 featuring Incumbent Ricardo Guerra and Challenger Carl Jenkins. In District 3, Incumbent Craig Thomas faces Candidate Cinde Thomas-Jimenez. The District 7 race features Incumbent Carol Sewell and Challenger Elaina Reihl.

Four candidates will also be seeking one of three available seats on the Navarro ISD. The candidates include Incumbents, Amy Innes, Tracy Large and Pamela Renee Rehfeld and Newcomer Clinton Scheib.
Polling sites will be open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Seguin Radio KWED will have live election results beginning at 7:05 p.m. Results can be heard on AM 1580 KWED or online at  Live election coverage on KWED is brought to you in part by Gift & Gourmet and Seguin Quality Cleaners.

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