Aumont Saloon to include full bar, rooftop patio
Posted on 11/14/2016 7:57:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin is gearing up for its 3 in 1 Aumont Saloon. The components of the city's new downtown drinking establishment is set to feature a wine and cocktail and rooftop patio bar. Making the investment in the former historic Aumont Hotel building is Nick Marquez. Marquez, also the owner of the Old Main Ice House in Cibolo, says he's excited to bring this type of venue to Seguin.
"I was searching for Seguin, because I feel like there's a need for a few more places in Seguin. It has a lot of potential. The population is good and the downtown is absolutely amazing. It's already set up. The buildings, the historic (property) -- there's parking. I mean it's all just very set up and there needs to be more businesses of all types in downtown. I felt like it will be a good fit. As far as finding the building, I met with some EDC (economic development corporation) officials that I've been working with. We just did some tours around downtown and seeing the available buildings. I came across the Aumont and got along with the owner and what he's doing. His name is Greg. He's doing a great thing restoring another historic building and it was just a perfect fit. Also my bar in Cibolo, it was built in 1920 and I completely renovated it and turned it into a bar. This building was built in 1916 or around that time and you know -- the same feel -- just turning a historic spot into a great hangout spot while preserving the history of it," said Marquez.
After months of sitting vacant, the building which sits in the corner of Austin and Mountain Streets, was purchased just this past spring by Greg and Amy Woodall of New Braunfels.
As Marquez mentioned, the effort to restore the building was key to his ability to inherit the lower half and rooftop portion of the multi-story building.
Marquez says with the renovation well on its way, he hopes to offer a unique drinking and lounging space for Seguin.
"There's three different areas. You come into the left side and it will be a classic type saloon. We have a custom made bar in there with the big saloon type cabinets in the back. Full beer will be available, full bar and then craft beers, liquor -- everything. So you have that side with all the TV's. Then you roam around to the right side of the building and we'll have wine and a special cocktail bar available on that side, plus extra seating space. So if it's cramped in the other room, there's another room to go into and relax with whoever or have an event. Then you can take the stairway to the rooftop patio which I think is the best part of the bar. We're putting a new cover on the top. It'll be lit up and we'll have plenty of seating areas, (we'll) have another bar to sit at upstairs with TV. So there's three different areas where you can explore and not just get tired of one little thing. It's a little bar complex," said Marquez.
Marquez says he hopes the Aumont Saloon fills that niche that many have been longing for. He says not only is he also planning to offer selected food items, but he wants to resurrect the hotel's historic ballroom.
"We'll play all the Spurs games. We'll do the UFC fights. Then, we'll have a little bit of live music as well. It will be a more of an acoustic side, but we will have full bands. It'll just be acoustic, just because of the acoustics inside the building. But we'll have acoustic downstairs in the saloon. When the weather is right, we'll have the acoustic performers play upstairs on the patio as well. Then there's also a ballroom in the back that can be utilized and rented out for private parties, wedding receptions, Christmas parties -- so if you're looking for that in downtown Seguin, we'll have that available soon. We can serve the alcohol as well for these private parties," said Marquez.
While Marquez will operate the Aumont Saloon, the top floors of the building will be under the rehab efforts of the new owners who could possibly utilize and offer the area as office and retail space. Marquez says he hopes to open the doors of the new Aumont Saloon sometime in early December.
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