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Seguin Public Library helping families piece together their family trees
Posted on 6/16/2017 7:34:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- TV shows like "Who Do You Think You Are?" and websites like Ancestry.com have reportedly created a surge in people's interest in learning a little bit more about their family history. Always helping to guide and point people in the right direction locally is the Seguin Public Library. The library this weekend is extending those efforts by inviting the community to its Genealogy Workshop on Saturday.

Assistant Library Director Silvia Christy, says the library will have experts on hand to help residents navigate through their findings. Leading the interactive discussion will be Cindy Foreman and Beverly Herring, founders of the Interactive Genealogy Group (IGG).

"The topic for this month is going to be how to determine if old information we find online relating to genealogy is accurate and is good to provide the support and the evidence you need for your genealogy research. Sometimes, you find family histories online and they have been put together by people and you know, you have to take it sometimes with a grain of salt, because not all the information might be accurate. So this workshop will give you an insight as to what resources are out there online that can actually be used and are relative to the research that you're conducting for your genealogy research. So we hope that people come in and learn something if they have been doing research for a long time then they might learn something new. For those that are beginners, it will start giving them an idea of where to look, what sort of things are needed to have a very well documented family history or genealogy project and things like that," said Christy.
Christy says during this opportunity, the library plans to also share some of the available resources. She says some people might be suprised by some of the services and tools that are offered by the library.

"The other reason we wanted to bring this program to the library was that the library offers free access to Ancestry.com here at the library and not everybody here in the county knows that. It's a free service and like you said, it cost money to have a subscription, but the library offers our residents a free subscription to it -- that they can come in and do their research and state their information and move along in their research," said Christy.
Christy says the Seguin Public Library is excited to be a part of this new age interest in wanting to piece together those family trees. She says the library is definitely the first place to start.

"The commercials have created a lot of interest. So we've had people coming in and asking 'hey, I'm starting my genealogy research, what can you do to help me? Where can I find information?' We have resources that we guide them -- for those beginners. So we thought 'okay, if we have some people that dedicate themselves to do this and are expert in the field and share that information with them -- we can help build those skills that they're starting to get from doing their own research.' So it's very important for us to put this information in people's hands. We're meeting the need that we're seeing in the community right now," said Christy.
Interactive discussions and online searching will be part of the presentation, so individuals are encouraged to bring their laptop or tablet to the event if possible. The free Genealogy Workshop will be held on Saturday from 10:10 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. at the library.

Seguin Public Library

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