St. James Catholic Church keeping Seguin cool; Local church helping families beat the heat this summer with box fan project
Posted on 8/1/2017 7:24:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- One of the leaders at a local church has no doubt come up with a "fantastic" project. Thanks to Father Greg Nevlud, of St. James Catholic Church, residents in Seguin will get to cool down this summer.

Father Nevlud says thanks to the church congregation, he has assumed the reigns of collecting box fans for families in need here in Seguin. Working in partnership with the Seguin Fire/EMS Department, Father Nevlud says he knows the donations will be put to good use and will help make this summer a bit more bearable for local families.
"I have been in Seguin six years. Prior to that, I always participated in the Project Cool Fan Drive in San Antonio where you deliver box fans to the fire department and they distribute them to the elderly and the poor in the community. On the Fourth of July, I was at a local store and I just walked by a box fan and it hit me that I had not given one to the San Antonio Fire Department. So, I bought a box fan and the streets were blocked off because of the parade, but I ran into a fire department person on the street and I asked him if they had a similar drive in Seguin as they do in San Antonio and he said 'we do, but we haven't pushed it for a longtime because we didn't have the personnel.' I said 'well, would you mind if I tried to do something?' He said 'that'd be great.' He said 'right now, we're down to 10 fans.' They do have a screening process so I gave him the fan that I had bought at HEB and he put it in his trunk," said Father Nevlud.
Father Nevlud says since July, the response to the box fan project has been overwhelming. The church leader says it's incredible to see not only the congregation but the entire community join together to provide the fans.
"That weekend I came to church here and I told the folks that I was working with the Seguin Fire Department and that I was starting a campaign called Keep Seguin Cool and could they help me with my fan drive. At that time, I had a set a goal for myself for 100 fans and I got 100 fans that weekend. I talked to Greg Dreiss who is the fire marshal and his jaw hit the ground when I told how many we had. He just couldn't believe it. Well, the fans just kept coming in and kept coming in and kept coming in and as of today, I have 250. A lot of people just gave me cash and he said the cash would be great for us because we get a better discount at Wal-Mart than you would get. So we're giving them a check for over $2,000," said Father Nevlud.
Fire Chief Dale Skinner says he applauds the efforts of Father Nevlud and all of St. James Catholic Church for helping to lead this project. He says what they have been able to do in such a short amount of time is just incredible.
"I am just speechless really on the generous donation that St. James made to us for our fan drive. What they have done is given us 150 fans and then enough money -- almost $2,000 -- to purchase well over 100 additional fans. The amount of gratitude that we have for this generous donation is just beyond description," said Skinner.
The local parish is encouraging anyone in Seguin to donate a box fan or cash. Donations will continue to be collected
year-round at the church office located at 510 S. Camp St. Those needing a fan are asked to stop by the Seguin Fire Administration Building weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office is located in the Municipal Court Building at 660 S. State Highway 46.      

St. James Catholic Church

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