City of Seguin applauds Harvey clean-up efforts; Harvey clean-up efforts to continue for next couple of weeks
Posted on 9/7/2017 6:45:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- It's been less than two weeks since Hurricane Harvey dumped nearly 10 inches of rain and produced high winds in the city of Seguin. Seguin didn't receive the massive damage or flooding experienced east and south of this area, but the storm did knock down tree limbs all over the city.
Just days after the storm, the city established a brush drop off site in Max Starcke Park, near the Wave Pool, as a way for city residents to get rid of the debris created by Harvey.
City Engineer Joe Ramos says lots of people have taken advantage of the service and the brush pile continues to grow.
"If you guys haven't gone down to the Wave Pool, on Friday we had a pretty big mountain of brush over the weekend. It doubled. We had a lot of citizens bring in their brush. So consequently, we're going to keep that option open the next two weekends -- this coming up weekend and the weekend after that for folks to continue to bring their brush down to the Wave Pool and our crews will continue to make another sweep. As you can all imagine, we went around last week, picked up a bunch of debris throughout the city. Folks haven't had much of a chance to work in their yards yet. So over the weekend, they did a lot of that, brought more stuff out. We recognize most of that work gets done on the weekend. So we've made plans to have the Wave Pool open the next two weekends. Sunday the 17 (September) will be the last day that we'll have the Wave Pool area open to citizens to bring their brush down," said Ramos.
The free service will continue to be offered to city residents for several more days. Meanwhile, the city's brush crews are also busy gathering up other debris that has been left curbside by residents who can't get the debris over to the Wave Pool. Ramos says they are making a great deal of progress, and he thinks they'll be able to soon go back to their normal brush schedule.
"We will be making our rounds around the city up until that point, but picking up all of the storm debris. Then our plan is on the 18 (September), go back on our regular schedule on brush pick up," said Ramos.
The city is planning to convert all of that brush into mulch that will then be given away to local citizens. He says all of those efforts will continue well into next week.
"Also that week, we'll have a contractor come in with a grinder and grind up all of that material that we're placing at the wave pool. So hopefully by the end of that week, by the 22 (September), it'll all be ground up and we'll be able to offer some mulch to the public, if they want to come by and pick some up before we get rid of it," said Ramos.
Ramos' report on the city's cleanup efforts following Harvey was given during the citizens to be heard portion of Tuesday's Seguin City Council meeting. The council was very complimentary to staff for its reaction to the storm.

Councilwoman Jet Crabb says not only did emergency crews, like those in the electric, police and fire departments, do a great job during the actual storm, but the Seguin Police Department also stepped up to help some of their brothers and sisters who work for the Houston Police Department.
"I just wanted to pass on that I heard so many good remarks around the city about the city staff and all the hard work that they're doing. It's just great. For those of you who are not aware, our police department did a really good thing for the Houston Police Department. Those guys have been working long hard hours in the same uniforms, haven't even had time to change their undies. So our police department led the charge for fresh t-shirts, socks, boxer shorts, just all kinds of things they can just to help them work and be a little more comfortable. Chief (Art) Acevedo was very thankful for that. So that was a really good thing. Kudos to y'all," said Crabb.
City of Seguin and Guadalupe County officials had a joint emergency management center set up at the Guadalupe County Courthouse in the Guadalupe County Emergency Management Office. Emergency officials were able to monitor the storm, and develop a coordinated action plan on how to best deal with the information that they were receiving in real time.

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