Estes seeks seat on Seguin City Council
Posted on 9/13/2017 8:11:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- A local man will be among those seeking your vote during the November 7 General Election. Dennis Estes is seeking the District 3 seat on the Seguin City Council. The seat was left vacant by Former Councilman Phil Seidenberger who stepped down earlier this year to concentrate on his health.
Estes, a 25 year resident of the city of Seguin, says after two successful careers in military and in business, he feels he's ready and willing to serve his community.
"I've had two full careers. I had 24 years in the U.S. Army and 24 years with Holt Caterpillar over in San Antonio. I was looking for something that I could donate time to the community. I had been attending the city council meetings for the last two, maybe three months. So, I pretty well know what they're doing. I've dealt with budgets and people all my life, being in the army and working with Holt. I'm used to dealing with staff. I'm used to dealing with our customers, voters, tax payers, whatever the case may be. I think I got a fit that I think I can do some good and help over there. The mayor wrote an article about serving and it was a very good article. I've always voted. I've voted since I was 18. I believe in the votes and I believe in continuing education. That's why I have the education and the experience that I got. I think would be a good fit for that job in District 3," said Estes.
Estes says he sees the growing pains being endured by the city and believes his experience can help map out Seguin's future.
"I think the council has a good job on their hands because they're having to deal with growth. This town is growing. I've been here 25 years. I know what it looked like 25 years ago. I did the I-10 shuffle for 24 plus years working at Holt.
They've got a lot of infrastructure problems that they need to keep working on. They are working on it. There's a lot of good being done. There's still subdivisions and businesses that are moving in here. They've got to be prepared for the future. I'm used to doing that. I did all the forecasting for Holt for our equipment and inventory needs so we forecasted out every year plus five years down the road. We try to look out farther than that, but you can't really forecast that far out in advance. You never know what's going to happen with the economy," said Estes.
Also appearing on the ballot for the unexpired term for District 3 are Candidates Jim Green, Jeremiah Arevalo and Jim Lievens.
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