Leadership Class to focus on Seguin Burial site; Juan Seguin burial site on tap for much needed makeover
Posted on 9/26/2017 7:18:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The final resting place of Seguin's namesake is about to get a major makeover. The Seguin City Council recently gave a Leadership Seguin Class permission to begin its community service project, which calls for the cleanup of the Juan Seguin Burial Site just north of the Seguin-Guadalupe County Coliseum on Nelda Street.
The project is being tackled by members of the most recent graduating class of the leadership program being offered by the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce. The chamber requires that each class take on a community service project at the end of the nine month program.
Leadership Class member Liz McCown says they looked at the site, and they wanted to do more to honor the legacy of Juan Seguin, and to draw more people to this part of the town's history.
"In the picture, you can tell that this site has got some lovely oak trees, but it's quite slanted. So, access to it by people who are less than able-bodied is rather difficult. In fact, those of us who are somewhat able-bodied find it a little bit difficult to get to. So what we would like to do, our plan includes improvements on a couple of different levels. We want to enhance the area with some signage including information on Juan Seguin's life and his contributions to this area and the state and we want to make those available in English and Spanish and make them very engaging and bright, but we also want to make this ADA accessible," said McCown.
McCown, who works for Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, says the engineering work is now complete. She says they've got a full plan in place that will allow the work to now begin.
"We've gone through a couple of different drafts of plans and the city has been great working with us. So we appreciate that greatly. At this point, you're looking at the current plans. We had an engineer by the name of Craig Bell from TRC work with us to do those pro bono. These plans have been approved through all the proper routes with the city. So now, we are bringing them to you for your viewing and hopeful blessing so that we can get underway with our project," said McCown.
Seguin Public Information Officer Morgan Ash is also part of this leadership class. She says in addition to making the site more accessible to the public, they also wanted to make sure that they make it easier for people to understand the significance of the life of Juan Seguin.
"Right now, all the information is just right there on top of his marker. It's written very tightly. It's kind of hard to understand and we want to make the signs something that everybody, no matter how old you are or where you come from can actually get something out of it. These signs are examples of what we'd like to do -- bright, colorful, have some illustrations and some photographs along with text," said Ash.
Ash says they want to use the new signage and displays to expand the reach of the burial site. She says even if the hill's slope makes it difficult for some people to reach the marker, they still wanted to have something that allowed them to learn more about the town's namesake.
"Because of the slope of that, literally everything we could do was going to be way to costly to actually get ramps up to that site. So what we're trying to do is kind of create an area of kind of reverence of being able to get close to the site. A picture of the actual grave marker will be on the signage. So for those who can't make it up there, they'll be able to see what it does look like. Of course, it's lighted. It's got landscaping. If we do have some extra money, we'd like to add some landscaping to the area -- create just a more comfortable place to view and be a part of that piece of our history," said Ash.
The council unanimously approved the plan for the group which hopes to begin working on the project soon.

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