Seguin PD to welcome new technology designed to help solve, predict crimes
Posted on 9/26/2017 6:54:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Predicting criminal activity and even performing link analysis on individuals, much like what is seen on TV shows like NCIS will soon be making its way into the Seguin Police Department. That's according to Bruce Ure, deputy chief for the Seguin Police Department. Ure says The Seguin Police Department is proud to announce that it has been selected for a federal grant through the Office of the Governor's Criminal Justice Division worth almost $100,000. 
Ure says the grant will be used toward funding a portion of the cost for new software. The software will help upgrade the police department's record management system. He say the success of today's law enforcement hinges on effective use of data. Police use data to analyze staffing, crime trends, predictive analysis, etc. Chief Ure says the current system of records management has served well in the past, but it is now considered to be less reliable in providing accurate analysis of the data.
"The technology goes back and forth. This particular software has got a component in it that let's say that our dispatchers take in a call for robbery in progress and while she's typing it in, she doesn't even have to type in the whole call -- our units out in the streets will see this as a live call coming in. So while she's taking the information, it can be a burglary in progress or something like that. Our units can look at it and start heading that way. So it's going to reduce our response times down. This is the future of the Seguin Police Department," said Ure.
Predictive analysis and link analysis are said to be techniques used successfully across the country to reduce crime -- 
making communities safer. Ure says link analysis will definitely be a component of this new technology.
"If we have an offender and we can put their name in -- we can do link analysis, just like you see on TV where it will show they were in the car with this person at this time when they were pulled over. It's just so very, very sophisticated. What that is going to do is it's going to help us put more data on the desk. So we can look at it and we will be much, much more efficient with this," said Ure.
Ure says the data utilized today is at times inconsistent and only provides an elementary analysis of officer and criminal activity. Bottom line, Ure says the new software for the Seguin PD will not only solve crimes, but will also help predict future crimes.
Seguin Police Department

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