Stache Showdown now underway among officers at Seguin Police Department
Posted on 9/27/2017 6:55:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Tis the season for a lawman's stache showdown. The change in weather has again prompted the Seguin Police Department to begin its 4th Annual beard growing contest.
Many in the public have already begun to sponsor individual officers who will be working on a new look with a beard, mustache or goatee.
Carlos Contreras, public information officer for the Seguin PD, says the contest officially gets underway Oct. 1 and runs through Dec. 3. He says the stache showdown is a simple and fun way for the officers to help raise money for a good cause.
"This event started out four years ago. We started this out in-house, within the police department, just for laughs, just for a good time. Then, it turned into something bigger and greater. Now, what we're doing is for this year is having this event in support of those that are in need inside the community for cancer assistance, cancer research, things like that. So all donations that are coming in to the police department for participation, whether it be in-house or outside the community, we are donating it -- 100 percent to the Guadalupe Regional Cancer Foundation," said Contreras.
Contreras says each officer kicks off their money raising efforts by first donating $25 for a mustache w/goatee or $50 for a full beard. After that, officers will be looking at the community for a little help.
"We want to make this as easy as possible for our community members to give. So, all they would have to do is pay $50 to sponsor an officer and they basically hope and pray that that officer can grow out a nice beard and all that good stuff. Now unless you're like Captain (Victor) Pacheco and Lieutenant (Mike) McCann and all the other ones that can just grow a beard out at the snap of a finger, you do have the other officers like myself that grow in spurts. Though officers will be talking to the community members who they come across about it, we will also have an opportunity for the community members to come into the police department. Whenever they do come into the PD with their cash or check, they'll put it in an envelope and write the officer's name that they want to sponsor. They also have the chance on the GoFundMe account whenever they make a donation. They can put a little note at the bottom right before they hit submit -- (they'll) put a note on there of which officer they would like to sponsor. If they don't have an officer in mind, it's okay, we can put it in one of the officers that needs some help," said Contreras.
The winner of the Seguin PD Lawman Stache Showdown will be selected by votes via Facebook. If a donor's officer wins at the end of the contest, then he or she will be entered into a drawing for a special prize.
Police Chief Kevin Kelso and Deputy Chief Bruce Ure are also on standby to take part in the contest should they collect the necessary donations to participate. Chief Kelso has committed to grow a beard if he collects the magic number of $750 while Ure's goal is $500.
Again, donations can be dropped off at the police department or made at Checks should be made out to the Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation.
Seguin Police Department

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