Seguin's furry friends to be remembered tonight; Seguin to light candles during Remember Me Thursday
Posted on 9/28/2017 7:40:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin tonight will be joining the rest of the world as it remembers those furry animals who lost their lives too soon.
Seguin's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) is inviting pets and their owners to its annual Remember Me Thursday ceremony at Max Starcke Park's Barky Park.
ARF President Colleen Supulver says the event is a global awareness campaign which encourages individuals to remember the millions of pets who continue to lose their lives without the benefit of a loving home.
"Obviously, we're an animal rescue here in Seguin and what we're doing with Remember Me Thursdays -- it's kind of like two-fold. We're kind of remembering all of the animals that have died needlessly in shelters because of neglect or other things in the area. There's actually like 1.5 million shelter animals that are euthanized every year. Most of these are very adoptable animals and they've just been forgotten. They've been forgotten, they've been left there. The other thing is to bring awareness to spay and neuter because that is the answer to the problem. There is no other answer. We have to make sure that these animals are getting spayed and neutered so that there isn't such an unwanted population out there," said Supulver.
This initiative was started several years ago by the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.
On this day, the entire world is asked to share the importance of pet adoption and shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues.
Supulver says today's observance goes hand in hand with how the local organization operates. She says ARF works very hard to do what it can to make sure every pet has a chance at life.
"Then of course as a rescue, this is what we do. We pull from euthanasia lists. That's all we do, we don't take in owned animals, we don't do any of that thing. We strictly, these shelters call us and they say okay, this one, this one, this one, we pull them and we get them to safety. It's important to us that we remember these dogs and also bring awareness to spay and neuter," said Supulver.
The ceremony gets underway today at 7:30 p.m. at the dog park located on Starcke Park's west side.

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