Pull-up, get groceries; HEB introduces new Curbside program to Seguin
Posted on 11/7/2017 8:10:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin's HEB store is making it easier for you to get the groceries that you need. The store on Monday officially opened up its new curbside pickup service.  Brianna Hunter, operations leader at the local store, is overseeing the operation of the new service. Hunter says they are excited to be able to offer this to their local customers. 

"We're all very excited. This is something that the New Braunfels store has had now for a while, and that's a little bit of a distance for our customers in Seguin to drive. So the entire store is very excited to have this service. Our partners are excited to use it and I think we're just more excited for the community to be able to shorten their shopping trip. It'll definitely make the holidays easier for many of us, so we're looking forward to it," said Hunter.

Hunter says using the service is simple. She says all you have to do is go online to get started. 

"Our curbside department is our service where you can go online, place your order on hebtoyou.com, you set up an account. You place your order, you can pick different stores, of course we'd love for you to pick our Seguin store. Then you'll go in and you'll reserve a time slot. Anything four hours in advance and you can also place your order days, (or) weeks out. You go online, you select a time slot and then you go online and you pick your order. You go through your shopping list, what you normally need --  you put it on there (and it) will be there. You pick your different items, you put it in your basket and then you pay. You come to the store, we bring it out to you, (and) we load it into your car. You don't even have to get out of the car, it's great. We'll go over your order with you, confirm you're good to go, load it up and you'll be on your way. It's a very quick service," said Hunter.

Once you get your order placed online, Hunter says all you have to do then is show up at your scheduled pick up time, and they'll bring everything out to you.

"So let's say I go in, I build my basket and then I reserved a time slot for 2 p.m. today. At 2 p.m., I would drive up to the store, right in front of the curbside department. We have all of our (curbside) parking spaces that are marked, just like your handicap parking space would be marked and you pull up. You text the code that is labeled on the space and immediately it triggers into our department. We see your name, your order and then immediately our partners start retreiving your order from our freezers, the shelves and our refridgerators. We bring it outside, deliver it to your car, go over the order with you, see if there are any changes to be made, load it up in your car and then you're on your way," said Hunter.

HEB says it has a curbside program that allows you to take advantage of just about everything inside the store. Hunter says that includes perishable items like produce and meat.

"Anything in this store we can pretty much pick for you. Your frozen items (and) your grocery items. Our team has had a large amount of training on how to pick the best avacado, the best tomatoes, what kind of marbeling you're looking at in a steak. Our goal is to pick better items than what you would pick for yourself," said Hunter.

The Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the new service. Chamber President Kendy Gravett says this is another exciting opportunity for customers in Seguin.

"We are so excited about having curbside service here in Seguin. So thank you for putting it together. We know it's a lot of hardwork. They've done such a great job of providing a quality grocery experience here and we just look forward to supporting you all the more. So let's get this ribbon cut," said Gravett.

Seguin Mayor Don Keil was also on hand for the ribbon cutting. Keil says this is just another example of how Seguin is growing and changing.

"I want to thank HEB for doing this. HEB one of those great local Texas companies that keeps continuing to recognize the fact that Seguin's a great place to be, and a great place to do business and a great place to expand, because we've got a great community here that is expanding. It's growing and it's prospering and it's companies like HEB that make this kind of investment in our community that helps affirm that not only to people here that are living in Seguink, but to people every where else. When you guys make this kind of investment, it means this is a great place to be and hopefully there will be some more great people comming here to establish business," said Keil.

HEB's new curbside service came on line just a few months after a similar service was offered by the Wal-Mart store here in Seguin.

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