Gas pump skimmers found in Seguin; Seguin PD shares tips to avoid being a victim of identity theft
Posted on 11/14/2017 8:03:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Be sure to not fall victim the next time you fill up at the gas pump. That's the latest message from the Seguin Police Department. Officer Carlos Contreras, the public information officer for the Seguin PD, says a couple of internal credit card skimmers were recently reported at two different gas station locations here in Seguin.
The skimmers are illegally attached to gas pumps in hopes of collecting data from the magnetic stripe of a credit card, debit or ATM card. The information is then later copied by thieves allowing them to make purchases or withdraw a victim's cash.
"Over the weekend, our officers were notified of some skimmers that were found. These skimmers were a little bit different from the lack of better words of a traditional skimmer. These skimmers were actually attached through the pump computer motherboard where all the credit card information passes through. Where that is at, it's behind a lock door through the pump. There's red field tape that should be on those doors and that's where it was," said Contreras.
Contreras says while the names of the store locations are not being shared as part of their investigation, he does know every pump across the city, state and country is susceptible to being a target -- making it even more important for the customer to follow some basic steps when pumping gas.
"We want them to choose a pump that's closest to the store as possible. Most skimming devices are known to be the furthest pumps away from the store because it's out of site, out of view from store clerks. The other one is to open up your cell phone, check the blue tooth search within the cell phones on the smart phones. If there are a string of letters and numbers that come up as an option, there's a high probability that there is a skimming device that's attached to that pump. We also want to encourage people to check the credit card slots where you slide the card. If it's loose, if it looks like it's been tampered with, if there's glue or adhesive that's attached around there -- those are really quick indicators to know that someone attached something to it. Also the seals that are actually on the tanks, the fuel tanks, if they've been tampered with, if they've been stretched, if they've been torn, if they just look completely odd, don't mess with it," said Contreras.
Perhaps the most important step, according to police, is to also regularly check your credit card statement as often as possible for any strange charges.
Police officials say any suspicious activity should immediately be reported to the store clerk and the proper authorities.
Seguin Police Department

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