City of Seguin takes action to better protect local animals
Posted on 11/27/2017 8:17:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Some dog owners in the city of Seguin are being asked to do more to take care of their pets. The Seguin City Council recently approved a new ordinance that essentially brings an end of the practice of leaving a dog tied up outside, without proper care and comfort for the animal.
Shelley Lutz, animal services supervisor, says Councilwoman Jet Crabb requested the ordinance after it was brought to the council's attention earlier this year by some local residents. The residents complained about seeing dogs tied up all day in the heat, with no access to shade or water. Lutz explained how the new ordinance will help to prevent that practice in the future.
"Animal Services is proposing a city ordinance that will ultimately raise the standard of care for our pets here in the city of Seguin. Standard care for animals is food, water, shelter and veterinarian care when necessary. We are proposing that a dog tethering ordinance be put in place that allows the animal to be humanely restrained, provide maximum space for exercise with the ability to reach substantial shelter with protection from the weather, afford them the ability to reach shade and water at all times. We believe that in order to qualify a substantial shelter, it needs to be three sided -- topped and bottom," said Lutz.
The council unanimously approved the ordinance, which calls for pet owners to be fined if they violate the ordinance. The new rules are yet another attempt by the city to encourage responsibly pet ownership inside the Seguin city limits.
Seguin City Council

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