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Chief Deputy Clerk looks to fill top spot in Guadalupe County District Clerk's Office
Posted on 12/13/2017 7:15:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Guadalupe County's current Chief Deputy Clerk in the Guadalupe County District Clerk's Office is making a run for the top job during the March Republican Primary.
Linda Balk has has officially filed for a spot on the ballot for the position Guadalupe County District Clerk . Balk, who currently serves under the leadership of District Clerk Debi Crow, says she has devoted her career to serving the district clerk's office and the people of Guadalupe County.
"With my nearly 20 years of experience in this office, I am uniquely qualified to serve as our next district clerk. I feel that it is imperative to maintain an office with the upmost integrity, professionalism and teamwork environments so that we can provide quality service to the public. I used to work for a local law firm and I started kind of getting my feet wet with the legal system. I got my job there at the district clerk's office in early 1998. As a deputy clerk. I was cross trained in the matter in civil and criminal. I did a little bit of criminal, but mostly, civil. I then got moved on to juveniles. After juveniles, I was moved on to attorney general child support case load. That was pretty much my cross training under Mr. James Behrendt. Then Debi became district clerk and I was promoted to supervisor back in 2006. Shortly after that, I was then again promoted to chief deputy in 2011 and still continue to hold that position," said Balk.
Balk says in recent years, she has assisted with ensuring that the office remains fiscally responsible and within budget. Plus she has garnered plenty of continuing education training hours designed for district clerks and deputy clerks -- all resources needed to benefit the current office and its tax-payers.
"I enjoy my job. Like I said earlier, I don't think of it as just a job. It is my passion. I feel that I can go in every day and make a difference. With the team we have now, we've all been cross trained and I want to continue that. Our county is growing. With that growth, it is important that the level of service our office provides continues to be one of excellence," said Balk. 
Balk is a lifelong resident of Guadalupe County who currently lives in Schertz. The Republican Primary is slated for Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

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