Candidate files for Guadalupe County Commissioner Prect. 2
Posted on 12/14/2017 9:12:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- A lifelong resident of Guadalupe County has officially entered the race for Guadalupe County Commissioner Precinct 2. Randall Herzog has secured a spot on the ballot for the March Republican Primary. The seat is currently served by Commissioner Jack Shanafelt.
Herzog says he cares deeply about the community and believes his heritage and his current involvement with the people throughout the county makes him a good candidate.
"Well, it’s been an aspiration of mine, probably for a long time. I had a great grand father that was a Justice of the Peace and when we used to stay with my great grandmother, she showed me all the paraphernalia when he was the JP back then. I thought that was just the neatest deal. It’s kind of stuck in the back of my head to do something like that in my life. I'd always thought about it and been very busy in my life raising a family. Now my family's raised and I think I have the time to commit to this kind of a job. So I think it's time that I stepped in and try to help out the community in that way and so that's why I'm trying to run for the commissioner (seat)," said Herzog.
Some of Herzog's community involvements over the years include Seguin Little League, Buck Fever, Laubach Hermann Sons, the Zorn Bowling Club and Frieden's Church of Geronimo.
Herzog says he believes the growing county can benefit from a solid advocate -- one who petitions and implements practical and sensible decisions and who is available to meet the demands of the constituent.
"I live currently right in the middle of Precinct 2 basically. I drive those county roads every day going from one location to the other. I've been at Ewald Tractor for 27 years and I've worked with municipalities, this county, the surrounding counties, cities and I have been able to help them budget equipment, spec out equipment – do all of the stuff that basically a commissioner probably would help with. I've been doing that for 27 years already at Ewald Tractor – dealing with all types of people like that. I think that we just need some representation that is going to be very available to the public out there, respond to the request of the public and stay on top of the future growth that we have in that area out there. The Navarro school is a popular school and it is going to continue to grow and we're going to continue to have the growth. We kind of need to get a handle of things in the forefront as opposed to try to correct things in the back side of what's happening. I feel with me being right there in the middle of it, I give the best opportunity to the voters to do that," said Herzog.
The Republican Primary is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

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