Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office employees recognize their colleagues during employee awards program
Posted on 12/20/2017 1:57:00 PM.
(Seguin) -- The Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office is wrapping up its calendar year by honoring those whose hard work have made an impact in 2017. Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke says his office recently recognized the winners of its annual Employees of the Year selection process.

Each year, the employees nominate who they believe should be the employee of the year in their respective divisions.

Zwicke, who was only responsible for tallying up the results, says he was pleased by the number of employees who really went out of their way and took the time to nominate a colleague.

Honored as this year's Deputy of the Year was Brian Lumpkin. Zwicke says Lumpkin is indeed a leader both on and off the streets.

"Bryan is the well liked officer. He goes the extra mile for things. He is actually one of our two mental health officers that helps MHMR dealing with these types of incidents. Well respected by his fellow officers and does a great job for Guadalupe County," said Zwicke.

This year's Investigator of the Year was Robert Shockley. Zwicke says Shockley is applauded for doing his job and doing his job right.

"Robert is a hard worker, well liked. He was sought out with reading through these nominations. He's kind of a go to guy. He's one that never says 'no'. They call him out in the middle of the night. He's not grouchy or grumpy. He goes out and does his job. He takes care of business and I think that's gained him a lot of respect here around the sheriff's office," said Zwicke.

Named as this year's Detention Officer of the Year was John Zamora. Zwicke says Zamora is a key leader for the detention center.

"John has been with us eight years. He's a hard worker in the jail, working in a jail environment is not always the easiest -- dealing with a lot of different personalities back there but he takes it in stride and handle things well and does a great job for Guadalupe County," said Zwicke.

Zwicke says dispatch is, of course, vital to the entire operation of the sheriff's office making Gwendolyn Donohue's selection an important one. Donohue was named Dispatcher of the Year for 2017.

"Gwendalyn has been with us for a little over two years, but she has done a great job also. We've had some high profile cases that she was involved in and held things together and kept it going. So I believe that that was one of the reasons she came out on top with the nominations," said Zwicke.

Zwicke is also proud of four other top employees who invest everything they have into their jobs. They include Supervisor of the Year Patrol Cpl. Donnie White; Detention Support Staff of the Year Simone Harris; Detention Supervisor of the Year Cpl. Griselda Cox and Sheriff's Office Support Staff of the Year Diane Hunter.

"Cpl. Donnie White was recently put in the corporal's position in January -- I believe it was and he has taken that job serious. He's doing a great job out there representing us and is well respected by his guys. Diane Hunter has been with us 11 years, was also a support nominee for the sheriff's office. Diane does the work of probably two people -- making sure we have the equipment, the supplies and everything that goes with it and making sure that those vehicles are going to get repaired and everything else, the equipment section of it, keeping up with the radios, radars and what have you. Cpl. Griselda Cox has been with us 10 years. She's a great leader on that shift and does a great job in the jail. Also Simone Harris who has been with us only nine months, but she's made quite an impression in the nine months she's been here that got her nominated for her support in the medical section of the jail," said Zwicke.

Award plaques were presented during the annual Employee Appreciation Ceremony Breakfast held Wednesday at the sheriff's office.

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