Fireworks prohibited in city of Seguin; Authorities remind public about ban on pyrotechnics
Posted on 12/29/2017 8:16:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- If you've driven lately just outside the Seguin city limits, you've likely noticed all of the fireworks stands that are open for business during the New Year's holiday period. It's very tempting to pull-in and buy a few Black Cats, bottle rockets and sparklers. But if you live inside the city, you need to remember that fireworks are a no-no anytime of the year.
Carlos Contreras, public information officer for the Seguin Police Department, says it's illegal to possess fireworks in the city, which means that's it's illegal to use them in the city as well. 

"Fireworks are not allowed inside the city limits of Seguin, Texas. Those fireworks ordinances are enforced here entirely. The city ordinances prohibit people using fireworks, not only transporting or going through or having posession of fireworks, but also using fireworks inside the city limits of Seguin. It's a big safety issue when you have fireworks that are shot up in the air, that are not controlled in a professional manner. (Without) being controlled, they may land on a residence or a tree that catches fire, (or) onto a house or different types of property. We want to make sure that our city members, our community members, our partners, they know that it may be tempting to use fireworks and have fun. I know growing up we had that same thing, we loved to use fireworks, but you have to take into consideration everyone's safety, everyone's well being and also the safety and security of everyone's property all around you," said Contreras.

Folks, who live in the unincorporated areas of Guadalupe County, can legally use fireworks. The American Pyrotechnics Safety and Education Foundation is offering tips for those who can legally use the devices.

- Always have an adult present and never give fireworks to young children, even sparklers.

- Remember that alcohol and fireworks do not mix.

- Purchase legal consumer fireworks from a licensed store, stand or tent.

- Read and follow the directions on the labels.

- Only use fireworks outdoors away from buildings on a flat, level, hard, fireproof surface that is free from debris.

- Have a working garden hose or bucket of water handy.

- Keep spectators at a safe distance.

- Always wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks.

- Light only one firework at a time.

- Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device.

- Never throw fireworks at another person.

- Never carry a firework in your pocket or shoot fireworks from a metal or glass container.

- Allow finished fireworks to stand for at least 20 minutes. Submerge in water, drain and place in a plastic bag for outside disposal in a covered trash can.

Seguin Police Department, city of Seguin

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