Library officials want to help you fall in love in 2018; Friends of the Library hosting annual Blind Date With A Book event
Posted on 1/2/2018 8:47:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- The Friends of the Seguin Public Library hope that you'll resolve to fall in love with reading in 2018. The group is hosting its annual "Blind Date With A Book" event as a way to encourage more people to come see all that the library has to offer.

Library Director Jackie Gross says the Blind Date event is a fun way to allow people to bond with a book that they might not have normally chosen to read. Just like a real blind date, Gross says you'll have no idea of what you'll be choosing to read.

"There area variety of different genres of books that we have wrapped in just plain butcher paper. There's just like a very brief summary of what the book is. Then you basically pick it up and take a shot. The summary doesn't really give you an idea if it's fiction or non-fiction or if it's mystery. It's just a little tease. And you pick it up,  you unwrap it, read it and you kind of give your vote for it. Did you like it? Did you not like it? So the friends do this every year. It's just a way to encourage people to kind of read, maybe outside their comfort level," said Gross.

Gross says this is expected to be a fun and exciting way for the library to show off some of the great reads that it has in its large collection of books. She says everyone is encouraged to come in and pick out one of the books that will remain a mystery to the reader until they remove the butcher paper at home.

"We'll have the books out on display. They'll just come in and they'll check it out. We have a barcode on the outside of the wrapper. So they don't unwrap here, they unwrap it once they get home. Then hopefully they'll be like 'oh, I'll give it a shot,' (and) then submit their little review of it and whether they liked it or not. We have a box they can submit those reviews in. Then the Friends just recap it after the program is over," said Gross.

The Friends of the Library group has enjoyed great success with the Blind Date program in the past. Gross says it's something that people have come to enjoy and look forward to each year.

"I believe this is their third or fourth year doing it, and (they) had a real positive response in the past. It's just one of those fun  things. It leads up to February, so the whole Valentine's (Day) thing (is there), and that's where the Blind Date With A Book came in," said Gross.

The program is not only fun, but Gross says it may also help some people discover a passion for some different kinds of books. She says you just never know what you're going to pick out, and that's part of the fun.

"It really is one of those things where it's just a little nudge -- as you said -- we come to read the same types of books all the time. So this is a nudge to kind of (try something else). Maybe you'll find that you enjoy reading biographies and you never knew it, or westerns and you never knew it. This is kind of our push to expand people's reading areas, but also so they know what types of books we have in the library. Some people just go straight to fiction and never really think about the fact we have all kids of really wonderful non-fiction books that are very interesting," said Gross.

The "Blind Date With A Book" program gets started with a book pick up day on Monday, January 8 at the library. This will be the time that you will pick up your wrapped book date. You'll then be able to take it home, unwrap and read it, and then hopefully share what you thought of the book. You're encouraged to submit your Blind Date review form by February 7. A closing event to share the details about the books will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 10 in the library's community meeting room. There's no costs to participate in the program. The library is located 313 W. Nolte St.

Seguin Public Library; Friends of the Seguin Public Library

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