Despite economic gains -- Siro, Wal-Mart projects on hold
Posted on 1/5/2018 7:48:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- While the overall news for 2017 and the prospects for 2018 appear to be good for the SEDC and the city, there are still two economic development projects that have been delayed.

Seguin Economic Development Director Josh Schneuker (snye-kuhr) also is also using the new year to address some projects that have been on stand-by for the last couple of years. He says the Ciro USA project, which is a Spanish based company that was to bring a large commercial bakery operation to Seguin with dozens of new jobs, isn't dead. But Schneuker says the project has been postponed.

"Ciro project has been delayed and that's due to the fact that the company has not met its minimum production volume that it needs to viably go forward with their development. So we remain in continuous conversation with the company and moving towards an outcome on that project," said Schneuker.

A plan calling for a second Wal-Mart store to be built in Seguin -- this one out near Interstate 10 and State Highway 46 -- has also been delayed indefinitely.

"The Wal-Mart project, due to the current retail environment, Wal-Mart is focusing a lot of attention on the e-commerce side of things at the moment. That's just unfortunate timing for us. But that's where things are right now. They're trying to focus on, how can we beat Amazon or get competitive with Amazon. So a lot of their money is being spent on that side of the spectrum and not a lot in new brick and mortar development. The store will come. It's just going to take I think longer than we anticipated, but you know as Wal-Mart figures out the e-commerce side, and we continue to add rooftops in our city, I think that second store is going to come sooner rather than later," said Schneuker.

Despite those delays Schneuker says he's very upbeat about what the future has in store for the city in 2018.

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