Guadalupe County recognizes State Football Championship Team Lifegate HS Falcons
Posted on 1/11/2018 8:07:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Lifegate High School Falcons Championship Football Team is not going unnoticed. The Guadalupe County Commissioners Court honored the team on Tuesday by recognizing it with a proclamation for its Texas Association of Private and Parochial School (TAPPS) Six-Man Division III State Championship. This is the second time the team has earned the state title.
The team with 2:14 still remaining in the fourth quarter, defeated Granbury North-Central Academy Pioneers via the mercy rule 90-40. The game was held in early December at Midway ISD Panther Stadium in Hewitt
County Judge Kyle Kutscher says the proclamation applauds everyone who has supported the team and commends the athletes for their perseverance, hard work and dedication to the game and to their community.
"It was definitely an honor for us here at the county to be able to recognize the Lifegate Falcon Football Team for their state championship. They have such a great school. So many wonderful kids and parents and teachers and people out at that school -- it really is a special, special place, but the accomplishment of winning a state championship was just an amazing thing. It is so difficult. If people or supporters or just watchers of football -- football enthusiasts, people who pay attention to high school football understand how challenging it is to get deep into the playoffs and extremely hard and challenging to try to get to the state championship and win. So for this team to be able to make it all the way and do that in the fashion that they did with the sportsmanship and the integrity that they did it in, it truly makes all of us here at the county very proud," said Kutscher.
Kutscher says recognizing the team and its success this past fall is an honor for the county. He says the team's efforts continue to bring the local community together "inspiring both young and older fans with their positive achievements and good sportsmanship, both on and off the field."
"Recognizing a school like this for their accomplishments really is an important thing. It brings light to not only that team and those players, but their family members, the community, the hard work that they've done. I truly believe that these kids in extra curricular activities have a huge positive impact on everything that they do every day. Not just now but as those kids grow into those adults and hopefully stay in this community and become more a part of it. We have so many good schools here so many great families and hardworking people -- great sports teams, like you said, we were able to recognize a few teams last year. The Lifegate Falcons won the championship a handful of years ago. We consistently have teams that are successful because of the type of people we have here, the community that we have, the work that is put in. These kids understand what it means to be accountable, to take and have responsibility and work hard. It was proven in those efforts," said Kutscher.
In addition to the 14 football players, the county also recognized the accomplishments of School Principal Kendra Thomas plus the efforts of the coaching staff including Kenny Coffman, Falcon's athletic director and offensive coach; John Rabon, head coach and defensive coach; Chris Larson, assistant coach and Mike McKinney, special teams coach.
Guadalupe County Commissioners Court; Lifegate Christian School

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