Guadalupe County prepares for busy 2018; Construction projects, new departments to be part of new calendar year
Posted on 1/11/2018 8:09:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Guadalupe County is bracing for what it says will be another full productive year. County Judge Kyle Kutscher says many projects remain on the table as the county moves forward with plans to build and better serve its constituents. Kutscher says thanks to planning in 2017, many projects are close to seeing the green light this new year.
"(The year) 2018 is definitely going to be a busy year, but hopefully a productive one. It's going to be about planning and projects. Definitely we want to continue our planning efforts and improve upon those so we have a path forward that includes the community and allows us the opportunity to budget in a responsible and conservative way, but also gives us the ability to be proactive and get projects done. On the projects side -- what we already have planned and in the works will be the construction and start of the renovation of an additional annex building on the west side of the county. In 2017, we purchased a 48,000 square foot building that was an old furniture building. We will be remodeling a portion of that. We also will be selecting an architect and contractor soon to do a sheriff's office administrative office expansion that will begin in 2018. That's probably going to be an anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000 square foot two story expansion. We are currently, right now at the beginning of 2018, remodeling our road and bridge shop -- doing new roof, new walls, insulation, upgrading electrical and heating and adding canopies and awnings to the building," said Kutscher.
Kutscher says all plans keep the county's rapid growth in mind. He says not only has the county secured future land but also future services needed to better serve its residents.
"We purchased last year in 2017 over 100 acres right across from the jail and sheriff's office for long term facility expansions. We'll probably start through those planning efforts just talking about long term what a county facility would look like on that property so a lot going on in 2018. We've got some of the new departments in personnel with a purchasing department -- (that) was created. We'll be starting new policies for how the county purchases all types of items and supplies. We also got a new veteran service officer starting new additional programs, the start and talk of a veterans center so a lot of things that are going to be happening in 2018," said Kutscher.
Kutscher says the county has continued with what he says has been a conservative yet ideal solution to meeting the future needs of such a rapid growing county.
Guadalupe County Commissioners Court

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