Interstate 10 construction on schedule; Pair of traffic lights to go up in near future on Hwy. 123
Posted on 1/19/2018 7:45:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- Unlike the Austin Street Project, there is one project in the city of Seguin that is progressing on schedule. 

TXDOT Area Engineer Will Lockett had some good news on Tuesday for the Seguin City Council when it comes to the work that TXDOT is overseeing along Interstate 10 and its access roads. Lockett says the I-10 work is progressing faster than they had originally expected. 
"The contractor right now is working on (Highway) 46 and I-10 right there that intersection. We've got the U-turn paved. That's going right there in front of Garcia's. (We've) got that paved. We're working on concrete pavement by the Bill Miller's and the McDonald's. We actually should be tying in, if you come off the ramp, if you come off our little ramp to get to 46. If you're coming westbound, we got the new bridge over the railroad tracks. You know how if you come off, you got to make that hard right, go through the rough pavement and then turn left. Pretty soon you're going to come off the bridge and be able to go straight to the intersection.  You should be able to go straight to the 46 intersection within two weeks," said Lockett.      
Lockett says there is one problem along the interstate that they are trying to address. He says the access road going west towards Highway 46 can be a challenge for motorists who don't know where they are going. He says there isn't adequate signage there now to direct people to go to where they need to go.
"We recently did a night ride here, and I took our traffic engineer through that section and I said we got really three choices here. There's really no signs. So we're looking at options. One option is a large overhead sign bridge. That's a lot of money, and a lot of time. That would be another project. So what I'm looking at now (is something) you don't see here too much, but if you drive to San Antonio, you've got the very large pavement kind of plaques that are on the roadway itself.  I'm looking to put some on the frontage road. That'll delineate I-10, 78 and just the frontage road," said Lockett.
Lockett says there's also good news for the city when it comes to the installation of a couple of traffic lights. He says they are putting up a traffic signal where State Highways 123 and 123 Business meet near the Continental plant.  Many motorists have been asking for that light for years, and Lockett says they are moving forward on that work now. He says they are also working on putting up a traffic signal, a little farther north, on State Highway 123 at FM 20.          

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