Saturday Youth Show auction on tap for this weekend
Posted on 1/19/2018 7:48:00 AM.
Navarro Junior Kelton Wolter takes the Grand Champion prize for this year's turkey at the Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show. Courtesy photo.
(Seguin) -- When it comes to the Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show, family members of a student can also often play an important role in making the project happen.
Take Becky Breitenkamp and her father Robert Piper for example. The two were spotted this week at the Guadalupe County Fairgrounds looking after Belle, a Simmental heifer. Belle is this year's project for Becky's son, Tristan, a Navarro freshman and FFA member. While Tristan was in school, the two helped prep his work for the 77th annual youth show.
Breitenkamp says like many other families, the county youth show is a family affair and is a tradition that has been experienced throughout the generations.
"We love it. It's kind of a bonding moment, but you have your frustrations as well, but it's definitely something that we bond together. I've been doing it for years with my dad and we're trying to pass that on to my son and just working together and hard work. What it takes to get there? It takes a lot of work as far as feeding and he knows that, but cleaning and washing, just every day maintenance on them -- it is an every day task," said Breitenkamp.
Becky's father Robert says as a former Ag educator and now grandfather, he couldn't be more proud to see this tradition continue within his family.
"My daughter started when she was little. I used to teach Ag years ago out in West Texas. It's something I started. I showed when I was in high school. I started her. I've never really pushed it on them to do it. It's just something they enjoyed doing it. My daughter really gets in there and gets after it too. She's always been my real showing out of the family. Then she's passed it on to my grandson.  He's really taken off with the whole concept and the idea and trying to find out what all it takes to get these animals ready. It's not something that just happens overnight. It is something that takes a lot of effort, really on his part as well as the whole family," said Robert.
Robert says while he is hoping for success this weekend, the work won't stop here.
"I retired a couple of years ago. I told my daughter and my wife even (that) when I retire, hopefully, I can have some time to help my grandson and we can make some shows. We have Guadalupe County right now and in February, we'll be going to San Angelo and San Antonio and then on to Houston. So we're planning on hitting it pretty good the next couple of months," said Robert.
GCYS Secretary Sylvia Kelso, says family and community support are key to a child's success. She says win or lose, the bonding experience gained throughout managing the project is priceless.
"We've got generations. Probably five to six, seven generations that have come back out here with their grandchildren and then there's new ones. Nine year olds that just joined 4-H and the parents are trying to get their children involved. It's a whole new experience for that exhibitor and that family, but it's a good experience and we want to support them as much as we can," said Kelso.
Approximately 1,600 entries, which includes 1,100 plus exhibitors continue to participate and place in this year's Guadalupe County Youth Show. The show, which started Wednesday runs through Saturday at the fairgrounds.
Kelso says the payoff for students, of course, is at the auctions. She says individuals, groups and businesses are all invited to take part and help show their support to these students who have each put a lot of effort into their respective projects.
As already reported, there have been a few changes to the Premium Auction this year. The group has moved the Homemakers Auction from Friday night to the Saturday Premium Auction.  The Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Baked Good items, along with the Ag Mechanics Champions will sell in the Premium Auction on Saturday.
These 10 items will be included in the auction sale sheet as premiums alongside the animals. The remaining 38 items that have sold on Friday night in the past will be provided a set premium amount. Kelso says the Sales Committee has collected funds to reward those youth for their efforts.
The Livestock Auction will begin at noon Saturday on the dance slab of the fairgrounds. Buyers may begin registering at 10:30 am. Three tables will be set up for registration, the tables will be labeled Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on an individual or group's commitment level.
The categories include GOLD Premier Buyers (VIP) $5000 or more; SILVER Premier Buyers $500 - $4999 (limit 2 wrist bands per $500) and BRONZE Buyers under $500.
A complete schedule of events and additional buyer information can be found at
Guadalupe County Youth Livestock & Homemakers Show

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