City to help preserve durability of roads at Mill Creek subdivision
Posted on 1/22/2018 8:11:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Some roads in a local neighborhood are about to get a bit of a facelift. The Seguin City Council approved an amount not to exceed $200,000 for a new product to be installed along some streets in the Mill Creek Crossing subdivision. 

City Engineer Joe Ramos says they are working with Anadale Construction to have the HA5 asphalt preservation product installed on some streets in the neighborhood.  Ramos says this project is made for streets that are still in pretty good shape, but are starting to show some signs of stress. He says this is all about prolonging the life of the street and helping to control the maintenance costs in future years.
"There's some streets that kind of fall in between the chip seal and the zipper (stype) projects. (These are) streets that are aged a little bit, anywhere from 10 to 15 year, (and they) start exhibiting some oxidation. You see the asphalt start turning grey. What we want is we want to give those streets a treatment before they start deteriorating, before they start cracking up and having other distresses that'll  require a higher level of maintenance," said Ramos.
Ramos says they are excited about this product. This is the only certified contractor for HA5, and he says the product has been very popular so far.
"The SH5 treatment. There's only one contractor in the state of Texas that is certified to apply it. They're taking a lot of orders right now. There seems to be a mad rush from cities across the state trying to get on their list. We're no different. I think we're a little ahead of some of the cities if you're able to approve this award tonight," said Ramos.
Ramos says this is a relatively low cost way for the city to address some of the needed maintenance on some of the older streets in the neighborhood.  The work will have some impact on the homeowners in that area, but Ramos says they'll be working with them so that they understand exactly how this work will be done.
"The older streets in Mill Creek Crossing if you see that some of the streets are maybe 12 years old, maybe a little older --  some of the early streets. So about half of the subdivision is already in need of kind of a low cost treatment. This was an excellent product that really will serve us well in that neighborhood. So we're proposing to apply this treatment to -- if you see in your documentation there's a map -- the roads that we intend to apply this on. It'll be done over several days. The material takes about 24 hours to cure. What they'll do is they'll treat half of the street, let it cure out before they treat the other half of the street. The contractor will also provide shuttles for folks if they need to get in and out," said Ramos.     
Ramos says this is a big step for the city, because the product hasn't been used in this immediate area. He thinks this purchase will represent a good value to the city. He told the council that this product can greatly help to extend the life of these streets. 
"They will be one of the first cities in this area to use that product. Its been used in Austin, not further south here with real good results. We're looking forward to adding this to one of our techniques to keep our streets in good shape. It's asphalt binder. It's only on the surface. It's real thin (product) that seals the surface and preserves it and keeps it from deteriorating. Looks real nice when it's done," said Ramos, who was asked how long this would preserve the street. He told the council "it varies from 15 to 25 years more or less. It's a pretty durable product."
The council stressed that it will be important for the contractor and city staff to work closely with the homeowners in that neighborhood. There's lots of on-street parking that occurs in Mill Creek Crossing, and that's not going to be able to happen when the product is being applied. Ramos says they are going to set up meetings and make sure that all of that information is explained well before the project ever gets started. 
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