City gives green light to new future subdivision
Posted on 1/22/2018 8:14:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Seguin City Council has given its blessing to the development of a new subdivision to the built along Cordova Road.
The council on Tuesday approved a voluntary annexation plan and a zoning change request that will allow the process to move forward. The development, once completed, could lead to the construction of more than 200 new homes. 
The council approved the items on second and final readings, but not before hearing some concerns from Navarro ISD Superintendent Dee Carter. Carter told the council that the district understands growth, but they were worried about the increased traffic that could be generated by the neighborhood.  She says they worry that Cordova Road may not be able to safely handle that additional traffic coming from the subdivision.
"If indeed the developer here builds the 230 homes that the areas platted for, if indeed the only way in and the only way out is that little piece right in front of the Cordova Loop development, you have the potential of putting 500 plus more cars onto Cordova Road every morning and every evening. If you've driven Cordova Road, it's a two lane road with no shoulders. It's dangerous. We've got school buses, as well as school students and a lot of parents going across that road every morning and every evening -- school buses that stop at very frequent intervals or that enter from Cordova Loop or Barbarossa or Huber in the Summit area and all of that is just a tremendous concern," said Carter.       
Carter says if there's only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood, it could produce a safety problem along the two-lane county road. The district stopped short of asking the city to deny the request. Carter says they just want to make sure that the city will work with the county to ensure that the necessary improvements are made along Cordova Road. 
"We would respectfully ask you to include a resolution or a part of the motion that the city will cooperate with the county in working toward improving Cordova Road to reduce the danger to people driving it now or in the future," said Carter.
City staff understood the concerns raised by the district, but they also said that turning down the voluntary annexation would have done little to help resolve any of those issues. Planning Director Pamela Centeno says they don't have the final plans in place for the subdivision, but they've looked at some of the preliminary drawings.  She says they will look at having the developer design a road that addresses some of those concerns. The city also has some requirements for secondary access to be provided to the neighborhood once it reaches a certain number of homes.
"There's more than one way than building an entrance into a subdivision that accommodates traffic in a different way -- the way that that cross section was built, whether there's a turn lane, whether it's just a simple ingress, egress -- there's more than one way to build an entrance into a subdivision that can help accommodate that too. Those are some of the discussions that have occurred during the pre-development meeting, but we have not gotten to that level of detail just yet and no plat has been approved yet," said Centeno.
City Manager Doug Faseler says taking this land into the city makes sense for a number of reasons. He told the council this will give the city the chance to have more say-so over the entire development. 
"I think a take away from this, as Pam said, the majority of the property is already in our city limits so, it can develop. The 18 acres is in the county so it can still be developed as one subdivision. You will just have a portion of it in the city, under city regulations and you will have a portion in the county (that's) not. One thing recently that the council approved in the last year were roadway impact fees. Those will be fees that will be required to be paid as this is developed. Now, those funds can't be utilized on a roadway outside our city limits, but as you can tell, our city limits is evolving," said Faseler.
The council unanimously approved the annexation request and the zoning change for the property. Staff says it will continue to work with the developer through its development meetings to make sure these concerns are addressed. 
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