MHMR recognition efforts help to bring awareness to local program
Posted on 2/6/2018 7:37:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The efforts, of those who have worked to meet the mental health needs of residents in Guadalupe County, are not going unnoticed.
A celebration and unveiling of a new plaque honoring the Guadalupe County MHMR Board at Bluebonnet Trails Community Services was recently held at the MHMR and medical facility.
Andrea Richardson, Bluebonnet Trails executive director, says the celebration is in honor of those who have served in the past, who serve today and who will commit to lending a hand in the future.
"This plaque is really a dedication of all the community members that have made this possible. Today, we're honoring our local advisory board that has offered dollars as well as their time and commitment to the understanding that health and wellness is a part of the community and we want to exemplify that in this building. This building is just so much more than just a building where you can receive services. It is a building where people meet and engage and where families come together for health and wellness. They're seeing a park like environment out front. We have a crisis rescue unit on the other side of this campus and we're working on plans to develop that land in between. This is just an opportunity for us to identify the needs in Seguin, in particular Guadalupe County and understand how we can be better providers of healthcare and wellness, including primary, dental, behavioral health including substance addiction, autism and also all those services that are particular to the persons with intellectual development disabilities," said Richardson.
Richardson says although the expanded building has been in operation for a few years, it's important to share the growing program.
"The facility that was here before was always considered to be a temporary facility. It was segmented into separate buildings and we knew we would never be able integrate care for families. In other words, they might come for mental health, but didn't really touch on the primary health care needs or the needs that they might have," said Richardson.
Shirley Hester, one of the founding members of the center, says she is thrilled to see how an idea so many years ago has expanded to help reach many families.
"I think the building and our program here has enhanced more people to come forward. I think before, a lot of them didn't come in. Once they've seen the operation and others talking about it, it helped more to come in that needed to be here. So we're thriving now and hope to keep going," said Hester.
Hester says she hopes this public celebration of its board members will provide an even greater awareness for the program.
"If you need help, come in. We've got the services here. We got the great staff here and we want you to come in, not be afraid to come in because you're going to be helped one way or another. So please come," said Hester.
The Bluebonnet Trails Community Center is located at 1104 Jefferson Street.
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