Seguin City Council offers support, approves pay raise for city manager
Posted on 2/22/2018 7:16:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin City Manager Doug Faseler is again getting high marks from the Seguin City Council. The council Tuesday voted to give Faseler a four percent salary increase and thanked him for a job well done.
The action was taken after Faseler's annual evaluation was conducted in executive session. Faseler says he's thankful for the support from the council.

"We've got a great team working with council and with the directors and all the staff here at the city. As you drive around the city, you'll see we got a lot of projects, a lot of initiatives. It takes all of us working together to make those things happen. Again, I really appreciate the support of the council. I couldn't do and we couldn't accomplish these things without all the staff and all the hard work everyone is doing," said Faseler.

Since Faseler became city manager 11 years ago, the city has been more aggressive when it comes to the number of projects it can take on at one time. Faseler says that he can handle more than one big project at once these days, because he trusts his staff to get the work done right.

"I'd like to thank a lot of the directors who carry their projects and run with them -- some with maybe lesser experience or younger. They're in a learning mode, but we've got a great staff, a great professional level staff throughout the city. Our directors leading their respective departments," said Faseler.

Mayor Don Keil says all you have to do is look around town, and you can see the positive impact that Faseler has had on the city of Seguin. He says the city is growing and changing, and more and more projects seem to be coming this way. He says Faseler knows the town, and when he sees something that needs to be done, he makes sure the city gets to work on it.

"A lot of people don't appreciate how proactive he is in doing things and how he would drive by a scene or a street or a business or a certain thing in town and an idea will pop into his head about what he can do to make it better to repair it or to make sure that the city does the right thing when dealing with it. That's always a part of the way Doug operates. He really does see things in the future as much as anybody I've ever worked with. Now, he's been 12 years now as city manager so he's got a great deal of continuity. He really knows what he's doing. He's done an incredible job of hiring good people underneath him that do all this great work around town," said Keil.

Keil says it's an exciting time to be in Seguin. He says some really big projects and initiatives have been completed under Faseler, and he thinks there's even more to come under his leadership.

"If you look around town, whether it be public works projects from economic development, from dealing with the police situations, the fire department, all those great things -- Doug has all of that in his head -- not to mention the fact that he's running a utility department as well which generally, most cities our size do not have their own utility department. Doug does an incredibly good job at doing that. People don't know the many hats that he wears, the millions of dollars a year that he actually saves the city in the decisions he makes and the way he runs this city," said Keil.

Faseler has served as city manager for the past 11 years. He served as assistant city manager in Seguin before being hired as the city's top administrator. He has also served as city manager for the city of Live Oak. The four percent salary increase will push Faseler's annual salary up to approximately $234,000.
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