Non-profit founded in Seguin continues its efforts to improve the lives of those in Uganda
Posted on 2/23/2018 6:40:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Changing the world continues thanks to local efforts to support the operation of WATCCH, Inc. (What About The Children Children's Home in Uganda, Africa. The non-profit organization was founded by caring hearts that were left behind in 2011 following a mission trip taken by such locals as Linda Redix, her sister Pat Redix and DeCarmen Mitnaul, a 2013 Texas Lutheran University graduate. Mitnaul went on to be the group's founder and has since served as the president of the organization's board of directors.

Mitnaul says the group began by creating an orphanage -- an orphanage that today has continued strong -- supporting long term relief to approximately 30 children. However, following their most recent trip, Mitnaul says the ladies are now working toward an even more challenging goal -- a goal that is designed to change the lives of an entire community -- adults and children.

"You just don't know the impact that you have on people and just like by sponsoring and supporting the kids, you're impacting the whole entire community. So we feed over 300 people. Ms. Linda did amazing. She actually set up a pop up clinic because she's a nurse. We actually had another Ugandan who was a nurse as well so he was doing blood pressure and she was passing out vitamins. We were passing out deworming medication. We passed out malaria pills and just something that the community really, really needed. They didn't have that access to medical care like that. I think all of us cried at some point along the trip. I mean to impact so many people with what we're doing. It's just amazing. We came back and we were just like -- the government officials were like 'we really need a clinic, a functioning clinic also a school'. They really do need a nursery primary school which is the younger kid age. You know with me having that educational background, Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Pat being primarily in the elementary schools -- we all have a heart for kids and education. We know how important education is," said Mitnaul.

Realizing this dream, Mitnaul says a series of fundraisers has already been launched with the latest effort being another one of the group's regular soup fundraisers. The fundraiser is scheduled for this Saturday at Arlan's located in Oak Park Mall. Assorted soups such as chicken noodle, beef, taco and vegan plus cornbread, and desserts will be sold. Assorted sizes at a variety of prices will be available.

Plus, Mitnaul says the group will be on hand to promote its latest brick fundraiser and its future gala event. The fundraisers will help raise the necessary dollars needed for its building project in Uganda. She says this weekend's soup sale also serves as an awareness effort and to help encourage others to sign-up for a future mission trip to Africa.

Mitnaul says the need is so great and is appreciative to the local support shown to the group. She says together, change is possible.

"Out of 180 people tested that day for high blood pressure, over 100 of them actually had high blood pressure. They're not on any medication. It's not being regulated. That was one of the things that was super crazy to us, was like oh my goodness, these people, they need this medication. One of the things too was they don't have medical care for kids and adults that have special needs or disabilities. They only have one hospital in the whole entire country that actually caters to kids and adults with mental health. We just were blown away about the need. So that was really our experience. Yes, there's a need for what we're doing but we just felt like we could be so much more than what we're doing. We have the potential to impact thousands upon thousands of people in this community, if we only had the resources," said Mitnaul.

The Soup Fundraiser will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Arlan's. The grocery store is located at 1231 E. Kingsbury St.

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