JP races on ballot for GOP primary election
Posted on 3/6/2018 7:45:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- After months and months of campaigning, the day for candidates has finally arrived. Today is the Republican and Democratic Primary Election. The Seguin Daily News today wraps up its official countdown of today's election by featuring the final candidates seeking a pair of locally contested seats. Over the last several days, the SDN has featured the candidates of the various races allowing them the opportunity to solicit those last minute votes.

Today's candidate series wraps up with a look at the candidates vying for the Republican nominations for the two positions of Guadalupe County Justice of the Peace.

Campaigning for another term as JP Judge Pct. 2 is Sheryl Sachtleben. Sachtleben says her appeal to voters is her willingness to always serve and help meet the needs of all those who reside in Precinct 2.

"I think they could trust me. They can trust me in what I'm doing in the office. They can trust me in the work that I'm doing. I put on the robe, I'm there. I think anybody that's been in to the court, knows that we treat them right. You call me, I'm going to be there. I don't think that I've ever told an officer or somebody at the jail or my office staff, 'no, can't do it, do it yourself, call somebody else.' I'm very much on that. When it comes to the voters and even when we say voters, I represent people that don't vote as well. They're taxpayers, some are taxpayers, some don't vote, some have never voted and some are voters. To me, they are people that live within a precinct that regardless of whether they voted, supported, like me or anything else, I'm here for them. I want them to know that I work for them and I do work for them. We essentially, as public officials, need to have full trust. They need to feel confident, comfortable with all of their elected officials. I feel like I can look at them and tell them 'you can trust me.' You can trust that I'm working and that I'm doing my best and I will always do my best," said Sachtleben.

Challenging Sachtleben for the elected position is opponent Chris Aviles. Aviles says he is no stranger to public service and wants to continue to serve.

"I will not forget about you. I will not forget about the people. As a service member to our nation, I've committed and dedicated my entire life to that service. As a public service, as a police officer, I have dedicated my life to public service and I am still committing my life to continuous selfless service," said Aviles.

Three candidates are also looking to pick up the Republican nomination for JP Judge Pct. 3. The position is being left behind by JP Judge Roy Richard who is not seeking re-election. Unlike the race for Pct. 2, today's winner for Pct. 3 Judge will go on to face a Democratic challenger this fall. That candidate is Peggy Ornelas. However if neither of the candidates in this race earn at least 50 percent, plus one vote -- then expect a runoff this spring between the top two vote getters.

On the ballot for JP 3 Judge is John Terry. Terry says his law enforcement experience, he believes, makes him the best person for the job.

"I'm the best candidate for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3 in Guadalupe County because of my 13 years experience in law enforcement. On a day to day basis dealing with most the issues that are heard at the justice court level, I'm really good when it comes to dealing with people. My personality, I believe, will fit right in to be the peoples' judge and to fulfill all of Guadalupe County in cases where I might have to fill in for another justice of the peace. I currently work in the justice court system. I'm the only candidate out of the three currently working in the justice court system where I'm learning already and dealing with the issues and the cases that are heard from the justice side of the peace. But please, today is your last day to pick the candidate you want for the general election. So please go out and vote and please, I humbly ask for your vote for John Terry for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 in Guadalupe County," said Terry.

Also campaigning for the JP 3 position is Zachary "Zach" McBride. McBride says he brings both the knowledge and the skills to do the job.

"I am the only candidate that has the unique combination of education and experience and actually working with the justice court especially in the format of inquest. For justice of the peace, since we do not have a coroner or a medical examiner in this county, are responsible for conducting inquest on death investigations specifically the cause of manner of death for certain individuals. I'm the only candidate with the experience in actually conducting death investigations. I've done well over 100 of them. I've seen natural causes, accidents, homicides, suicides. I'm able to articulate the differences and know when a crime has been committed or if it's something else. Actually collecting facts and circumstances and comparing them to the law, I believe my experience is superior to any of the other candidates in that regard and I have the unique combination of education that is going to supplement and enhance my experience that none of the other candidates have," said McBride.

The final candidate appearing on the ballot for JP 3 Judge is Gary Inmon. Inmon did not respond to the Seguin Daily New's request for an interview.
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