Arroyo Ranch subdivision includes parks, other amenities
Posted on 7/9/2018 8:04:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- A large residential development, being built near Vogel Elementary School, will not only bring dozens of new homes to the community, but it's also going to have some great amenities that will make it a more comfortable place to call home. Jack Jones, parks and recreation director for the city of Seguin, says that developers of the Arroyo Ranch subdivision have submitted their plans for parks space in the subdivision, and he says it's an impressive plan for the community.

"They are proposing a really good park plan...for this new development that's south, basically southeast of Vogel Elementary School. It's 1,100 homes coming to Seguin. It will be Seguin's largest development to date. This will be the second park development with them. Of course, we also had a park agreement recently with Hiddenbrook (subdivision), and I think this is the first of many (housing) developments coming to Seguin. So we are excited about it, and I'm excited about this plan with WBW (Development)," said Jones.

WBW Development Group is the company responsible for the Arroyo Ranch project. David Peter, of WBW, says they wanted to do something special for this new neighborhood, and they think they've come up with a good plan.

"This park plan essentially not only meets, but exceeds the requirements. I think the minimum requirement for a development of this size is 11 acres, and we will be donating approximately 15.4 acres that qualifies as parkland in addition to an almost 20 acres that will be permanently set aside with our HOA that are in the drainage, detention ponds and some linear park drainage areas as well. We are proposing a system of pathways. Eighty percent of the land required will be donated as part of our first phase plat, so it will all be set aside upfront. And as part of our early phases of development – technically, I think it's phase three of the park agreement, but it will probably be done sooner than that -- we will be building a pool. If you're familiar with the Nolte Farms project, it will be very similar and we expect to be working with the same builder on a good portion of this, if not all of it as well," said Peter.

The company broke ground on the Arroyo Ranch subdivision earlier this year, and it's expected to bring 1,100 new homes to Seguin. Housing growth is really beginning to take off in Seguin. City officials say a number of new subdivisions are currently in various stages of developments, and they are constantly talking to developers that are looking to build in Seguin.
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