Council approves pay raise, contract extension for city manager
Posted on 2/6/2019 8:06:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin City Manager Doug Faseler has once again earned the support of the Seguin City Council. The council on Tuesday conducted Faseler's annual evaluation. After meeting in closed session for the couple of hours, the council voted 6 to 2 to extend Faseler's contract for another year, and to offer him a 2.5 percent pay raise.

Councilwoman Jet Crabb made the motion in support of Faseler. She says that he has done an excellent job for the city, and she's eager to see what he can do in the future.
"I think he has done an exceptional job once again. We are very lucky to have Doug. He is a visionary -- a person who is always keeping us well informed on issues that we wouldn't even think about. We also took a look at a list of numerous accomplishments, 50 different accomplishments that he accomplished this year and I just think that it's wonderful that we have him and he has done such a great job," said Crabb.
Council members Ernest Leal and Chris Aviles both voted no. Aviles says that his vote should not be viewed as an indictment against Faseler's performance. He says that he felt like this was the right approach to take, given the short amount of time that he's been on the council.
"I haven't been on the council long enough to see the progress that I would like to see in a supervisor, the person in a leadership role. That's pretty much it. But no, there's no indictment on him whatsoever. I think he's a good guy. I think he's worked hard and I want to continue to see that as we progress through the years," said Aviles.
Mayor Don Keil, after the meeting, again praised Faseler and the job that he has done on behalf of the city of Seguin.
"You know, I've been in city government now for about 12 years. I know no other city manager. But, I do know a lot of other city managers and I do know for a fact that we've got one of the best and frankly, what we are paying him is -- I don't know -- we could probably pay him a whole lot more but I think he is worth every penny for what he does and what he has done for the city. I could go through a whole list of stuff. I could go through the $20 million he saved us from the Rio Nogales Plant -- the whole thing like that. But, there is just list after list of things that he has helped happen. For a mayor to have a guy like this -- sitting there and making all these wonderful projects occur through the operations of the city, it just makes me look really good in the eyes of a lot of people and mostly, it's Doug doing all the hard work on it so he deserves a lot. He has done a heck of a lot for this city and he deserves everything we can give him," said Keil.
Keil says occasionally people complain about Faseler's six-figure salary, but he says people don't realize the massive size of the city’s operation. He says it's not just running things at Seguin City Hall, but he also has to manage the day to day operations of a public utility. Keil says that Faseler has the experience and the expertise to run both extremely well.
"I think there are a lot of people who run the public utilities like some of our neighboring cities. The guys that run that utility are paid as much or more as he is and he's got a whole other city to mess with with all the other entanglements with politics and so forth to deal with. It's not an overpayment. In fact, he's running close to a $100 million a year company with over 400 employees. I mean what are you going to pay a guy? That is worth a lot. That's worth every thing there," said Keil.
Faseler was thankful of the support that he received from the council. He says they've developed a solid core at city hall that works well together.
"It is certainly appreciated. We've got a great council. We've got a great team working with the council and our directors and all of our staff. We are getting a lot done here in Seguin. It's an exciting time. It's a challenging time but it's fun and everyone is passionate about what they are doing here and trying to do the best job we can for the citizens," said Faseler
Faseler's longevity as city manager is part of the reason he is able to share a long list of accomplishments that have occurred during his tenure. There are many cities that find themselves in need a new city administrator every three to five years. Keil says that Faseler has brought stability, professionalism and growth to Seguin City Hall, and people should be thankful for his presence at this important time in Seguin. 

Faseler says knowing how to work with people has been a key part of his success.
"I was in (the city of) Live Oak before here for 10 years as the manager and I've been the assistant here for 10 years and now the manager for 13 years and I'm working with people. I guess that's the big part of it," said Faseler.

The 2.5 percent salary increase will push Faseler's annual salary up to $239,850. The complete list, of accomplishments that Faseler provided to the council, can be found online at
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