Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office provides details into death of Texas State student found dead under a bus last year
Posted on 2/3/2017 8:52:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- The Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office is nearing the completion of its investigation into the death of Jordin Taylor. Investigators say the case remains open due to evidence being forensically analyzed at the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory. They say this analysis is not expected to change the present conclusion; rather it is being done for thoroughness and due diligence. The results of this analysis are expected to take several months, as is standard due to DPS Lab procedures and policies.
Taylor, of Burleson, was somehow hit by a shuttle bus and dragged hundreds of feet as a fraternity-sponsored event was wrapping up at Cool River Ranch, a music and tubing venue. Taylor's body wasn't discovered until the following day. Investigators say the sheriff's office did not find any evidence or eyewitness testimony indicating that the Texas State University student came to her death by any means other than an accident. The investigation did show injuries from being dragged under the bus for over 500 feet, and those injuries alone they say caused her death.
The investigation also showed that while the bus suffered a mechanical failure at the same time Taylor went under the bus, the mechanical failure did not directly cause her death, nor cause her to be struck by the bus. There was no evidence that the bus struck the young woman, from the front or the side. Because of this, investigators say there is no evidence to explain how she got under the bus. They say it is not suspected, or even possible, that anyone put her under the bus as it never stopped moving until it finally broke down. Evidence at the scene indicated the bus had already dragged her over 500 feet prior to this occurring.
The autopsy revealed no evidence of foul play or indications she was struck by any other vehicle prior to going under the bus. They say the autopsy toxicology section did show that Taylor had consumed alcohol and marijuana. No illegal substances, other than the marijuana, were present in her body. The level of alcohol intoxication was in a range between .192 g/dl  and .222 g/dl. They confirm that Taylor's alcohol and marijuana consumption was not the cause of her death, but it cannot be ruled out as a contributing factor due to the level of intoxication.  
This investigation also reportedly has not revealed any information with which to support criminal charges against any person or organization for  Taylor's death.  The Guadalupe County Attorney's Office is supporting the sheriff's office's investigation.
This investigation's present status is based on scene observations, physical evidence, witness interviews and information available at the time of the investigation. The Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to determine the impact, if any, of new information, opinions and conclusions, and to revise any opinions and conclusions, if necessary and warranted by the discovery of additional information. This includes the forensic analysis currently being conducted.
If anyone has information that can contribute to this investigation, please contact the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office at 830-379-1224. Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous can call Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers at 877-403-TIPS (8477) or go online at

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