Seguin, home to State Cheer Coach of the Year
Posted on 2/15/2017 7:18:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- Seguin High School has plenty to cheer about. Suzanne Zink, Seguin High School head cheerleading coach, has been named a 2016-2017 5A/6A Cheerleading Coach of the Year by the Texas Girls Coaches Association. Zink, who started her career as an assistant dance instructor and part-time teacher, says she's excited about the honor, and couldn't believe the news when she first received word from a friend.
"She text me and said 'congratulations, coach of the year.' I was like 'what are you talking about?' I had no clue and no one had said anything. It was just posted online. So it was really crazy opening that site and it saying 'Coach of the Year, Suzanne Zink.' It was a great feeling. There's so many coaches that should deserve and do deserve this award so I'm just very grateful that TGCA has selected me to represent the 5A-6A Coach of the Year, Cheerleading Coach of the Year," said Zink.
Becoming a cheer coach was a new experience for Zink, but she's made the most of her time at Seguin High School, and has earned the praise of her peers.
"It was a very big learning experience because I was not a cheerleader. I was on dance team and danced in college at Texas State and never did cheer. So I had to learn everything, but that's what I love about it. That I've had to learn everything, the whole sport. It's been a really fun process in helping me open and broaden my horizons of my teaching career and my sports," said Zink.
Zink says she shares the award with everyone who has chiseled away, and helped to make the program what it is today.
"This is not just for me. I have an awesome, awesome assistant, Coach (Ashley) Spahn and she has helped so much. She's helped turn this program around. Seguin Cheer did have a really amazing coach early on, Ms. Sue Cox. So I've had to raise my standards to make sure I can compete with Ms. Cox on this level of cheerleading, because she set it at a really high bar back when Ms. Winters (Spahn) was a cheerleader here and then she left the cheer world and now, I've had to step up and try to gain that respect back for the cheerleaders that she had when she was at Seguin High School," said Zink.
Zink says the award isn't just about her, instead it's a recognition of the hard work and dedication that her squad shows each day.
"It does come with its challenges, but it also comes with it perks. Seeing those girls nail a stunt -- seeing the light on their face, that's why I'm in it. That's why I'm here. Seeing the joy on these kids' faces that they don't see in themself and finally mastering this skill and it just brightens up their day. That's really why I'm in this. I love just seeing them grow. It is hard, yes we're here before school at 6:15 to after school, after games, we're at every game that we can attend. It's a lot. We don't really have any social lives as a cheerleading coach so that's definitely hard, but you have to love it, you have to be dedicated and you're in it for the kids (and) you're in it for the love of the sport and for these young ladies that are so amazing that I get to work with every day," said Zink.
The most recent success for the SHS competition squad is taking third place in the State UIL 5A Cheer competition in Fort Worth.

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