SISD school board declines to reinstate Superintendent Stetson Roane
Posted on 2/22/2017 8:54:00 AM.

(Seguin) -- The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees Tuesday night declined to reinstate Stetson Roane as the superintendent of schools. Making the motion for reinstatement was Trustee John Holt. It was seconded by Board President Ishmael Flores. The motion failed by a 5 to 2 margin. Holt and Flores both voted in favor of having Roane return to his job while Trustees Cinde Jimenez, Carl Jenkins, Barbara Effenberger, Elaina Reihl and Ben Amador voted against it.
The decision was made after trustees spent nearly three hours behind closed doors discussing the findings of an investigation regarding a complaint made against Roane. Following the vote, Flores stated that a special meeting to discuss the next step is slated for Monday. He also says due to the item being a personnel issue, not many details behind the complaint or the investigation could be shared with the public. Flores, however, did apologize and says he hopes to move forward as soon as possible.

"You know obviously without -- not going into any detail about this. It is a very trying time for the district and our apologies go out to the staff and to the kids of this district and we will attempt to come back to normalcy as soon as possible," said Flores.
Sean Hoffmann, the public information officer for the Seguin ISD, confirms the special meeting on Monday and says any potential action will remain in the hands of the school board.
"The school board will meet next Monday night and between now and then, I believe investigation needs to be wrapped up. We will be posting for that meeting on Friday afternoon. I'm sure the board will probably discuss the matter in closed session further, reviewing any new information that they have and you know, it's going to be up to the school board on whether they feel comfortable making a vote of any kind after the meeting next week so it's one of those things we really can't predict what's going to happen but we'll just have to wait next Monday night to see how that all pans out," said Hoffmann.
Hoffmann says the district will also have to wait until Monday to possibly see whether or not Roane remains on administrative leave with pay -- a decision that the board made in late January.

"His employment status with the district, as of tonight's meeting, has not changed so he is still on administrative leave with pay," said Hoffmann. When asked by the Seguin Daily News if his employment status could further be determined on Monday, Hoffmann stated "I think that would be a possibility."
Hoffmann says its current administrative leadership remains in place and will continue to oversee the day to day operations of the school district.
"The board did not give us any indication on changes as far as our administrative leadership right now. So again, we'll continue to operate as we have for the past few weeks. We don't have an interim superintendent named at this time but Dr. (Guadalupe) Gorordo is our point of contact and will be serving in Mr. Roane's role and continue to do that while he is on paid administrative leave," said Hoffmann.

The wording of the agenda last night might have likely led to the need for a special meeting next week. The board's agendas are generally put together by both the superintendent and school board president. But because Roane was on suspension, it likely was Flores who set up the language for Tuesday night's agenda. The agenda, as written, quoted a portion of section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code, which deals with personnel issues. A portion of the law was omitted from the agenda item. The agenda read "consider and discuss the superintendent's evaluation, employment, duties and employment contract." But it omitted the words "discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee" -- which are also included in the law. Again, because of the way the agenda item was worded, specific action to remove or discipline Roane was not allowed during Tuesday's meeting.

Several members of the public, both in support of Roane and those who supported a change, were in attendance at last night's meeting. Some Roane supporters wore cowboy hats or held up signs that read "Keep the Hat" -- in reference to the name "Stetson" and they also had signs that said "Keep our Superintendent." 

Again, a special meeting to start or decide the final fate of Superintendent Roane in the Seguin ISD is being planned for Monday.

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