City enforces lawn clipping ordinance
Posted on 2/22/2017 8:17:00 AM.
(Seguin) -- You might not want to face your leaf blower toward the street. The city of Seguin is stressing its city policy against blowing lawn clippings and leaves into the streets.
Morgan Ash, the public information officer for the city of Seguin, says the reminder and warning falls in perfect line with the soon to be spring weather.
"I think we get a lot questions about what to do once you mow the lawn, you have those lawn clippings. Maybe you're sweeping up your piles of leaves, where should those go? I know in my own neighborhood, I often see landscapers out there blowing leaves out into the street from the yard. That's actually not allowed. We want people to mostly keep all their leaves in their lawn, keep clippings on their lawn so they kind of just grow back into the ground. When they are left out into the street, they end up clogging all of our drainage systems and that can cause a lot of problems when we get these heavy rains. The rains can't go into the storm sewer system and it floods our streets. It's a lot more than just not looking very pretty to have leaves and lawn clippings in the roadways. It's also a matter of safety -- keeping our roads clear during rain events," said Ash.
Ash says the city encourages citizens to share the message with their neighbors and or lawn services.
"Kind of switching gears with that -- it is actually unlawful to blow or sweep lawn clippings or leaves into the street or the public right-of-way or curb area or that kind of thing. You can get a ticket for doing that. We ask residents first of all to share this information with your neighbors and their friends. Hey, you need to keep all of your leaves or lawn clippings on your lawn or bag them up for the trash services," said Ash.
Ash says the city hopes citizens abide by the ordinance. She says not only will they do their part to keep streets clean but they'll avoid a citation.
"But if they do see people who are continually not following that rule, they can call the city and report it. You just need to call our citizens relations coordinator. That's Lisa Trevino. You can let her know who is doing this, what their address is. She will then give that information to our code enforcement officer who will then go check that out. If they are caught doing this, they can receive a citation and have to pay a fine because it is against the city ordinance," said Ash.
Ash says the city, of course, offers an alternative to blowing those leaves into the streets.
"Now for folks who don't want to just leave lawn clippings and leaves on their lawn, they can bag them up for the garbage truck. You can leave out eight bags per week and those are those 30 gallon bags. So up to eight 30 gallon bags of lawn clippings or leaves can be left for our garbage service," said Ash.
Part of the ordinance reads against "Throwing, placing, dumping or depositing any lawn trimmings, hedge trimmings or other cuttings or trimmings of weeds, flowers or other vegetation, including leaves, on or in any gutter, street, sidewalk, parkway, driveway, curb or alley or on any other public property in the city."
The city's Citizen's Relations office can be reached at 830-401-2445.

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